A Swale-side Walk near Muker

Valley with wooden signpost. Signpost to Keld showing the way along the barely worn grass End of wall. Moss encrusted gate-less wall At the northern end of England's Yorkshire Dales is Swaledale: steep sided valleys, singing streams and birds, and those famous barns standing as reminders of the wealth of the area when sheep ruled. This page is composed of photographs taken on two walks along the same path near Muker. Each walk was on a perfect early May morning in successive Mays. Some flowers were at different stages, but not enough to dwell upon the differences, so the two sets of images are treated as one, both showing the small valley to the north of Muker where the River Swale makes its way from Keld. View up the valley with river in foreground. The River Swale running low after a dry spring Narrow gate in dyke. Gate simpliciter Large flat lichen covered stone with river in background. A lichen covered stone - testimony to the air quality Path running past stone hut. The way here narrowed to a distinct path Path with a border of garlic. Mid May sees the slight shade given by the trees here encouraging the profuse flowering of garlic, and the accompanying heavy perfume... Ground among trees completely covered with garlic. ...which is not at all indicative of the wild variety's weak taste Garlic flowers with fields and barn beyond. Garlic flowers fringing the view of a valley barn Looking up through trees at the field of bluebells. An amethyst haze above the... Sloping field of bluebells. ...woods turns to a field of bluebells when approached Field of bluebells with one standing in front. And getting down to bluebell height allows the camera to find some of the deeper shades Tightly twisted trunk and branch of tree with deeply incised bark. Knurled bark with first leaves showing Dyke in T-form with two figues in field. Dyke with a clear function... Pattern of dykes and fields. The pattern of dykes at the Muker end of the valley Isolated section of wall. ...dyke with less clear function Morning sun cutting across the wall of a barn. The sun plays on the surface of a barn wall... First of three shots of a wall withe the sun across it. These three shots were taken at 20 minute intervals Second of three shots of the wall with the shadows changing. Showing the sun reaching out across the surface of the wall, first catching the projecting stones Barn wall with yellow lichens. ...interacting with the lichens Third of three shots of the wall, sun now right across the whole wall. and then picking out stones over the whole surface Barn with field in front of it. Essential Swaledale: stone barn with buttercups Barn, leafless tree and valley. A Barn and tree, so late to leaf, maybe an ash.. Barn, leafless tree and field with person. ..or now dead, sit centrally in the valley Barn close and barn further away, bluebells on slopes. Barns. Rafts of bluebells run down the slopes Lamb jumping watched by another. Lambs gambolling... Two lambs walking towards the camera. ...approaching... Lamb stopping, unsure. ...questioning... Three lambs looking quizically at the camera. ...and now unsure. Maybe six feet away is a bit too adventurous Trailers... The Jumping Bridge at Portrack. The next page goes from this untrammelled world to some highly intellectual exercises at Portrack Gardens. The photographer. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed: 'Self'.
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