Naini, Uttar Pradesh

Spice shop. As in so many countries display is everything in India. Each day these piles of spices are carefully arranged in front of the shop - no Scottish winds here The last page Go to another page. was about the The Leprosy Mission Hospital Go to another site. in Naini, this page has a little on the town itself. It is the smaller companion of the city of Allahabad. Go to another site. It sits across the River Yamuna from its large neighbour, near the confluence with the Ganges, a union making the area one of outstanding importance to Hindus, but as the name suggests, there are many who follow Islam - a sometimes volatile mixture. Additionally it is a place which sees few foreigners, and so it is no bad idea to take a local friend for walks in the town. Some images express this unease, but should not detract from those who, as everywhere, greet strangers with pleasure. Pony trap. Colourful trimmings for animals are de rigueur throughout India Large auto. Autos are basically motorbikes with superstructures, and while the vast majority are the ubiquitous ones for two passengers there are also larger versions Entrance to Bethany school. The Bethany Convent School Go to another site. reminds visitors that Catholicism is also part of the religious mixture of the area. Established in 1965, it was founded to cater for the poor and marginalised, especially girls, and now has some 2,500 pupils Hindu shrine. If there is one word that sums up the sub-continent it is "Colour" as with this Hindu shrine Cart and buffalo. Main street in Naini. Above a cart with buffalo watching in typical pose Go to another page. - nose up. To the right, one of the town's main streets Women with head loads. In much of India it is women who do most of the carrying
- usually on their heads
Near town centre. A rather deserted town centre - normally India's 1.35 billion people jostle for a place in every photo Lane with cyclist. A lane beside the main street of Naini. Squatting is something much seen in Asia. Photographs of queues in the 30s show it is not so long since we too, in the west, hunkered down Buffalo dung as fuel. A simple source of fuel, in a country where cattle are ubiquitous, is dung. It is made into convenient sized pats and then dried in the sun, usually by children Man making flower garlands. Everywhere in India flowers are made into garlands used on a vast variety of occasions Painted goats. It is not only the accoutrements of animals that are coloured, whole bodies are pained as with these goats The damage to the foot. A coffee shop, Go to another page. early before the sun is troublesome, but strangers may also be troublesome. In many parts of India there are good reasons for suspicion, watchers are ambivalent; this shows in the people sitting above and in the picture above right Men exercising their hands. Everywhere you look in India there are birds, animals and people looking back My guide with a horse. Having a friend, mine is pictured here (the man that is, not the horse) is sensible in such places. This stands in marked contrast to travelling in Vietnam - which is utterly tension free Corner shop. A truly corner 'corner shop' Garland maker. Another garland maker Deep frying on the street. Deep fried food Go to another page. available at the street side Chilli shop. Chillies: heaps proportionate to the vast consumption Kiosk shop. Kiosk shop, possibly selling... chewing betel? Fruit seller. And, as so often, really warm smiles from this trader Woman with dried goods. However, the final photograph goes to this woman with her dried goods of rice and nuts laid out so invitingly, illustrating the quintessential skill of the Indian trader The next page takes you from the turmoil of the 2.4 million people of Allahabad, to the 2.4 thousand people of Moffat. The murder rate in that city is very roughly a 1,000 per decade, in Moffat it is about 2 per decade, so our peaceful community scores double the rate of a sometimes discordant city. Moffat on a December evening. line
Saturday 24th March 2018 Murphy on duty

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