St. Cuthbert's Street, Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright, the old county town in the south-west of Scotland, has long enjoyed its deserved reputation as a peaceful community with classic buildings in fine country - and has the bonus of a quality of light that has long attracted artists, making it "The Artists' Town". Flower beds and castle. Looking towards the Castle from beside the harbour The main thoroughfare of the town is St. Cuthbert's Street which runs from the castle and along beside the harbour from which fishing boats still leave most days. Not everyone finds Kirkcudbright an easy name - it comes from Kirk (Church) Cud (Saint Cuthbert) Bright (Bay). War memorial. Harry Paulin's 1922 war memorial Castle summer view. A summer view of the east side Castle end wall. The castle end wall Castle north side. Morning light catching the north side Castle corner tower. North side of the corner tower Thomas MacClellan of Bombie had the house/castle built starting in 1581 when in fact the need for fortifications was largely past. Castle east side. The east side faces down St. Cuthbert's St. Round garden house. The round garden house at the end of
Castle Gardens
Castle east face and castle gardens. East face of the Castle and Castle Gardens Seat in Castle Gardens. A quiet seat in Castle Gardens To the Castle's north side lies Moat Brae, and to the south Castle Gardens. Sheila and her trap. Sheila is no longer in harness,
but the trap and a younger horse are still to be seen
Kirkcudbright Parish Church. Kirkcudbright Parish Church (built 1835-8) designed by William Burn Seats by Church. Benches in the Parish Church Gardens Passing along St. Cuthbert's Street the Parish Church is on the right, with gardens between it and the road, and the harbour and more shops to the left. St. Cuthbert St. - St.Mary's St. junction. The junction of St. Cuthbert's Street and St Mary's Street Moat Brae cannon. A cannon on Moat Brae, the shops of St. Cuthbert's Street beyond By the harbour. Items to catch an artist's eye by the harbour Moat Brae. Moat Brae path in morning light The Harbour Gallery. The Harbour Gallery Lost at Sea and estuary. The carving with the estuary behind Lost at Sea. 'Lost at Sea' Above is the raised Moat Brae area with the gallery, next to this is the Harbour Square which is home to a memorial to fishermen 'Lost at Sea' by Charlie Easterfield Kelpies and Lost at Sea. This small version of the 'Kelpies' was lent to Kirkcudbright
in the summer of 2016
Lost at Sea. The sculpture from the front, with Barr Hill behind Morning light on St. Cuthbert's St. Autumn morning light flooding down St. Cuthbert's Street The next page has a little on the environs of Kirkcudbright, before these pages return to the area around the Dong Van Palace in northern Vietnam. Kirkcudbright from the Stell. line
Saturday 3rd December 2016 Murphy on duty

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