Urban Iceland

Church and sculpture on the north side of
		Reykjvik. The church on the north side of the city of Reykjavík - Seltjarnarneskirkja - and the sculpture that overlooks it - Trúarbrögðin Large modern sculpture
		on plinth. The Trúarbrögðin monument created by the Icelandic artist Ásmundur Sveins A title with tongue firmly in cheek... Reykjavík is gently built up, however, this page does not even go there. Instead it offers sights from around the country where human habitation meets this wonderfully uninhabited land. Over 90% of Icelanders live in areas designated as urban, however, that designation means that any community of over 50 people is counted as urban - not really most people's idea of a seething metropolis. The pride of the Icelanders in their countryside is such that these tiny communities are highly valued in theory if in practice avoided! In acknowledgement of such pride this page features the juxtaposition of the human with the rural, rather than the purely urban. Cafe furniture and windows onto lake. Downtown Reykjavík. The view from the cafe in the City Hall. Lake with city hall on far side and ducks in
		foreground. The Tjörnin (Icelandic for Lake) beside the City Hall in Reykjavík, with an Eider duck's family Another view of the Seltjarnarneskirkja. Seltjarnarneskirkja, again, with the emphasis on the urban hard standing areas rather than the grass The city hall lake with many
		ducks. And not just Eiders - a range of ducks and swans at this city centre Collection of houses with sea and cliffs
		beyond. Moving away from the capital into the countryside... Steep roofed chalets nestling in barren
		rocky landscape. ...for Iceland's version of urbanity Church near shore with sea beyond and a small number
		of houses. Typically the church is a dominant feature of most Icelandic settlements Modern meal sculpture in the form of a
		skeletal boat, framed on plinth. The Sun Voyager sculpture in Reykjavík Closer view of the church in the above picture. The church shown above - close up The Sea Voyager scupture close
		to. Jón Gunnar Árnason´s sculpture entitled Sólfar - Sun Voyager A substantial pier looking as though it could serve large ships. A pier showing signs of industry in the northern fjords Modern houses on undulating grassland with
		mountains beyond. Housing somehow unintegrated into its environment Low black clouds reflected in the sea
	 	with building for fish processing in the foreground and houses beyond. Most of these communities are inextricably bound into working with the sea Houses strung out under steep hill. Houses keep their distance in such communities as they do in the Highlands of Scotland Entrance to underground store in banking. And even in this rocky terrain digging out underground storage can be worthwhile Fishing boat at steep angle on shore, sides
		rotting. Decaying fishing boat now left to the elements Fishing boat at angle and two buildings. And a very similar boat, at a similar angle, but in use Metal sculpture of egg with pointed
		curved beak protruding. At Keflavik Airport Magnús Tómasson's sculpture
Þotuhreiður (Jet Nest) greets the visitor
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