Summer at Breiðavik in Northern Iceland

Mud at the sea shore in the blue of night sun. Ethereal light from the sun as it drops to the horizon around midnight. Taken in late June, looking north across mudflats and out to sea at Breiðavik in the far north-west of Iceland breidavik looking west. Looking west across Breiðavik - the hamlet is at the left At the top corner of the fingers which point out to sea in north west Iceland, some 300 kilometres from Greenland, is the hamlet of Breiðavik with its guest house and farm. From there to the lighthouse at the tip of the country is a short bus ride and the return can be made in a circle by foot. The word means 'wide bay' which at two and a half kilometres is just what it is. The letter ð is pronounced as th in the. The wide sands are bookended by substantial cliffs, between these the ground slopes gently back from the sea, and away across to the high cliffs Go to another page. on the far side of the peninsular. Iceland is summarised by the peace, space and beauty found at midsummer here near the Arctic Circle. Looking east across the bay. Looking north-east along the coast, Breiðavik is between the second and third headlands The neighbouring hamlet of orlygshafnarvegur looking towards its west cliffs. Above is the bay and hamlet of Örlygshafnarvegur...
So this is not a panorama, however, it...
Looking over the hamlet to the east cliffs. ... and above here is the bay and hamlet of of Breiðavik.
...does show the similarity of the two neighbouring bays
Valley floor with wide fertile fields. Here the guest house, farm and chapel of Breiðavik are seen as the sun begins to heat the mudflats Ruin with cliffs in background. Ruin looking out to sea. Three pictures of ruins of small barns, maybe houses, near the modern community Three ruined barns/houses built into the hillside. Looking east across the bay. Looking east across Breiðavik Farm buildings with cliffs beyond. Breiðavik farm buildings, with capsized trailer Pied wagtail on the roof apex waiting to enter its nest. On the farmhouse a pied wagtail waits with food Stones on the beach morph into works of art in the limpid light of an Icelandic summer sun. Below lying dormant, and to the right jumping into life when approached by the photographer Sand beach with stones. A stone with deep sculptural markings. Looking out to sea by rocks with seaweed and some dozens of eider ducks. Rafts of eider just off shore Workers in a field with sea and cliffs behind. Evening work in the fields - evening extending for hours into dusk and the grey of night Sun showing in narrow band between cloud and horizon. Slither of sun just showing above horizon. The sun drops from the clouds, before dipping into the sea, where it moves eastwards below the horizon for some minutes, and then re-emerging as dawn Sun half below horizon with reflection in mud. The sun near midnight at Breiðavik Trailers... Boys herding cattle through paddy. In two weeks time, urban Iceland - relatively speaking. Woman with large glasses by meat stall. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Sad-eyed lady...'
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Saturday 23rd November 2019 Murphy on duty

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