Tourism at the Beach in Tĩnh Gia - Out of Season

Summer Stalls Mid-season is the time to visit the beach near Tĩnh Gia (during April and October) when the tourist trade is gentle and the lack of the intense summer heat makes it possible to be on the beach in the daytime, but also avoiding the cold of the winter Playing in the sea In the lee of the headland, to the south of the hotel area, children play in the sea Much of the east coast of Vietnam is sandy, and in the south is studied with famous tropical resorts like those of Thailand. Here in the north the seasonal climate limits the period when tourists flock, but the big hotels testify to the fact that, in season, flock they do! The beach in Tĩnh Gia stretches, from the outcrop of rocks seen in the photograph above, northwards some 25 kilometres to the River Lạch Ghép. Over that whole length, on the firm sand, a motorbike can be ridden at speed. Digging at the tide line Fishing boat in swell In the picture (above these three) women can be seen digging at the tide line; they are actually about the same height as the swell Fishing boat in swell So the swell is such that the boats which are fishing a few hundred metres from the shore often disappear Fishing boat in swell In these two smaller pictures (enlarging the main picture) the fishermen can just be seen. This swell, with the silt it churns up, make swimming problematic and sometimes dangerous Fishing boats on beach Fishing boats Go to another page. are drawn up on the beach near the cafes Boat and cafes The row of cafes at the edge of the sand Nets drying Nets drying between the cafes Coffee and view Coffee and a view of fishermen at work Boats, nets, cafes and coffee intermingle - many families will be both fishers and hosts to visitors. Thatching cafe Thatching with palm leaves is the norm. Palm leaves are abundant, ready to hand, and most families can call on the skills to make use of them. Umbrella by cafe A small cafe like the one above can be constructed and roofed in a couple of weeks. Repairs to the thatch are needed after storms, but otherwise the thatching will last for several years. Go to another page. A new cafe Palm umbrellas on sand Cafe on pillars Here thatching can be seen in use in a number of ways. The small umbrellas for sun that is overhead, the larger umbrellas that might keep off some rain, the free standing cafe open on all sides, but with a roof of thatch, the cafes in a line with brick walls, and finally to the right cafes on pillars where small parties can keep themselves very much to themselves with the possible delight of being marooned! Hotels by Beach A line of some 8 large hotels which stand idle most of the year, waiting for the
school holiday rush when 1,000s throng the beach
Not everything is dedicated to work and pleasure. As everywhere in Vietnam the ancestors are remembered and more abstract notions acknowledged. This little shrine, in modern concrete, alludes to those who lived here with the cups offering them refreshment; and to Buddhism with the lengthened ears of the statuette. Detail of shrine by the Beach Shrine by the Beach South end of Tinh Gia Beach The setting sun catches the pillar cafes which after dark will be occupied by
those who wish to play cards, drink or just dine apart
The next page shows more about the sea and the fishing boats to be seen along the coastline of northern Vietnam. Fishing boats at anchor near Tinh Gia. line
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