Feathered vertical fireworks with the Edinburgh Castle to one side.

Feathered vertical fireworks with the Edinburgh Castle to one side. Fireworks shooting up from the rocks on the north side of Edinburgh Castle Blue burst firework. This page marks the reaching of five continuous years of Saturday pages. Just over 200 of these have been in the Picture Posting Section of this site, with an additional 60 in the Mosaic section. It seemed right to mark the occasion with a page from my home town - Edinburgh, and fireworks and balloons are conventional markers of celebrations. The hot air balloons seen here (a touch larger than afforded by most parties) appeared over the skies of Edinburgh in the late 80s. The fireworks come from two sorts of occasion: there are a couple from the 100 year celebrations of the the Forth Rail Bridge, the others are selected from many years of the traditional display which marks the end of the Edinburgh Festival - sponsored by Glenfiddich. Shots were taken between the years 1983 and 1990.
Captioning is limited there being rather little to say.
Fireworks just silhouetting Forth Rail Bridge. The Forth Rail Bridge was completed in 1890 and Scottish Power, a dominant supplier at the time in Scotland, sponsored the celebrations. To the right part of the bridge can just be seen - lower centre The sponsers of the Forth Rail Bridge in lights: Scottish Power. Slightly inflated balloon on grass. Two people struggling with inflating balloon. Well inflated balloon lying on the ground. Getting a hot air balloon airborne is no easy task... Balloon basket just off the ground. The Phileas Fogg balloon off the ground, marquee behind. Philias Fogg balloon lifting off. Two balloons above Edinburgh Castle. ...but once aloft their grace is unquestionable. Here seen passing over Edinburgh Castle Single balloon over Edinburgh Castle. Three balloons over the city. Balloons over Edinburgh in the late 1980s Striped balloon over trees. Edinburgh skyline with moon appearing from clouds A full moon taking refuge behind the clouds - about to be upstaged by the fireworks... ...but these displays wait until the last light has gone from the sky, usually after about 10.30 Castle and part of city in twilight. Waterfalls of white fireworks flowing over the Castle walls. The Castle's north parapets are used for these waterfall effects Red fireworks flowing over Castle wall. A red waterfall over a parapet of the castle Large bronze coloured fire burst with plumes and castle below. Three sets of flares with North British Hotel below. Below, an umbrella indicates the slight drizzle so common to Edinburgh in August Flares behind buildings. Blue fire bursts  with plumes below and castle lit up. Even for the photographer of this shot, it is hard to believe that it is not a composed picture, it looks just as though the elements were brought together in Photoshop. They were not.
But it is a warning that not all that looks concocted is artefact
Red fire bursts and North British Hotel. Two blue streaked fire bursts above castle. Red, blue and orange bursts

Orange fire bursts and North British Hotels.
Green and bronze fire bursts above castle. Green plumes above back lit buildings. The Castle under shades of green. These three shots were taken from Princes Street Gardens.
[Quite tangentially Prince's Street (after King George III's eldest son) lost its apostrophe in the 1830s.]

Various fireworks and castle.
Bright red pointed light above North British Hotel. These two shots were taken from Carlton Hill, the North British Hotel (tower and clock)... Pair of orange bursts over the North British Hotel. ...seems to sit next to the Scott Monument (outlined with lights). In fact the Monument sits well beyond the Hotel Large fire bronze burst over castle. The large finale burst of a display makes the castle seem diminutive! Trailers... Church outlined in lights. The next page has some lights from Tĩnh Gia to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Potter turning pot in Delhi. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Internal Speech'.
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