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Potter turning pot.

Internal Speech

Deceived by our own internal evidence, we make internal speech the object of...inspection and identify the verbal symbol with the very process of thinking.

Hans Furth (1964)

A sea of papers in front of us, engaged in taut debate, searching for the right word, it is so easy to feel the world of words is co-extensive with thought itself: Mist forming in a valley in Ae Forest. This page offers an analogy for the relationship between language, thought and noumena.
to see the seething cauldron of words within our heads as primary. And many careful writers, Looking across the Thames to the Westminster Parliament. Continues the idea that language can elbow out thought.
intent on their words, overlook a deep distinction Ba Hai standing in her bar next to a New Year kumquat tree. A page on the way the profoundly deaf help us understand more about the relation between thought and language.
without pause. Pause; and we feel the wordless hand attending Fisherman repairing his net on Madras Beach. On attention and its importance.

to the clay, hear the clarinet entering its concerto and anticipate the violin’s response, smell the coffee and see the Hà Nội coffee house, watch the dance of the bee and reach for the honey to put on the bread. Endless; because thought is myriad, an empire of experience in which language is but a pocket state. This is not to deny language its enzymic leverage in communication and abstract thought, rendering to both fantastic and novel powers, but warning that this power of manipulation, which verbal symbols Lotus flowers budding. A page on Symbols and their importance; such is there importance that some writers have called humans the Symbolic Animal.
bring, can be a cuckoo in thought’s nest.

The quote is from page 197 of his book Thinking without Language published by Free Press, New York. He is highlighting Piaget’s remarks on the ongoing discourse our heads constantly seem to entertain.

The potter was photographed in a southern suburb of Delhi.

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