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Steam and towers backlit. Edinburgh is not so famous for its industrial areas, the likes of this processing plant in Leith balance a widespread image of Georgian terraces and reclining philosophers, such... Statue of seated man in toga holding book, bare footed. ...as the above, a truly bizarre modern tribute to David Hume; Scotland's, not Rome's, greatest and most original thinker, another... This page takes a stroll around Edinburgh. The steps have no systematic form or consistent direction - except to offer a citizen's view of his hometown. Great block of brutalist building and Arthus Seat. ...modern tribute to mediocrity was the St. James Centre, (above) reviled since... Truck based demolishion crane attacking half gone building. ...its creation in the early 70s, was finally put out of its misery four years ago. Across the road, at Greenside, these giraffes stand on the site of the 13 story tenements, of world architectural significance, that the council demolished at the time of the building of the St James Centre... Two metal giraffes by glass fronted building. ...which takes us to the zoo, a version of such institutions that at least has the merit of allowing animals to be seen from outside its boundaries in reasonable conditions Zebra grazing framed by trees. Oryx on snow covered ground with wintry trees behind. Maybe these three oryx, and their beautiful horns, are not so enamoured of these conditions. However, they are creatures adapted to harsh environments with a wide geographical range Statue of dog on plinth with buildings behind. And so to a creature better adapted to our climate: Greyfriars Bobby is probably Edinburgh's most famous animal, touching the hearts of... Woman holding girl up to rub nose of dog. ...millions of visitors in return for having his nose kept clean by myriad hands; in the same manner as Hume's right toe above When it comes to statues of humans, Edinburgh has a superfluity: Statue on large plinth in front of building. Playfair, outside the Chambers Museum, one of the key architects of the New Town, is amongst Edinburgh's multitudinous memorials. Less conventional, and very un-puritanical... Windowpane framing dome with golden figure on top. ...is the naked figure of the boxer Anthony Hall known as the 'Golden Boy' which tops Old College's dome; here through a (modesty) glass darkly Seated figure with column behind. ...Proudly, James Clerk Maxwell, educated in the city, before his illustrious career outwith Edinburgh Gatepost with heraldic lion. Heraldic statuary guards the 'Meadows' which provides a fine space... Man throwing boomerang with many figures in far background and hills beyond. ...available for sport and leisure - the apparent bird is his boomerang. The backdrop is formed by The Crags and Arthur's Seat Fruit and veg display outside shop. Monochrome statues need a counterbalance,
here provided by the green grocery
displays near the Meadows...
Hillside of daffodils, railway lines beyond. Daffodils supply a duo-chrome below the Bank of Scotland headquarters, but across the rail line... ...and a slide on its children's play area Child's slide in bright colours. ...in Princes Street Gardens,
another 'proudly' presents in full colour Brightly coloured roundabout with painted words.
Amassed crocuses. The display of crocuses in the Meadows, joined by... Large factory chimney with rainbow ...a rainbow in Bonnington... Warehouse, cobbled street, billboard. ...and duller suburbs need their voice too Lightening sky over dark wide empty street. But there is promise in dawn light on Leith Walk, as this weary drinker wends slowly homewards Archway framing monument with street light and other lights showing. Snow covered roof with flag pole and open turret. Left, a High Street Close, as lights inveigle winter's gloom, and Scott's Monument becomes an outline. Below, in the cold winds the tenements huddle closer along the canal. Left, however, the lightness of the snow, and the entertainments at the King's Theatre, both lift spirits Canal with dark grey tenements on either side. Looking across the city from beside the Crags. A fitting finish for a fine city: the celebrated view from beside Salisbury Crags, as dusk settles Trailers... Two people seated beside lake. The next page of this section has a parallel miscellany; this time from
Hà Nội.
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