The Crazy House in Đà Lạt

Entrance to Crazy House. The entrance to Đà Lạt's 'Crazy House' This page has images from Đà Lạt’s Crazy House. Go to another site. It was created by the architect Đặng Việt Nga Go to another site. and opened as a guest house in 1990. Introductory text to Crazy House page. Two windows and a balcony. Windows and a balcony on the external wall of the house - cables are de rigueur in Vietnam Triangular canopy and tower. Triangular gable canopy and the central tower Concrete roots and the lane and houses beyond. Inverted concrete roots on the roof Gable canopy and entrance block with town beyond. Above - canopy gable.
The giraffe is upper
centre on left image
Overhead walkway surrounded by borganvillia shrubs. Overhead walkway leading up steps and into porch Composite image of courtyard area. Giraffe detail from main picture. Composite image looking down into the central courtyard - Hân strolling through Room above courtyard with entrances and windows. Above a room with two entrances and two windows looking like some sea creature. To the right, these straight lines, at one side of the central courtyard, stand in marked contrast to all around. Below right, a view from a balcony out into the town. Below the shell-like sunshades over balconies and entrances. The triangular gable canopy and associated rectaliniar furnishings. Canopies over doors and balconies. View from a window into the town. Room with tiger and polyp like ceiling. Room with red eyed tiger and drooping polyps and a... Room with mirror over bed. with a rare glimpse of a mirrored photographer Central tower. Central tower View of houses and the wooded town. The view out across the city of Đà Lạt from the top of the entrance building Woman with house and lane. Woman entering lane beside the house Top of the building. The jumble of trunks, windows and entrances at the top of the structure Steps up to entrance from the ground into an apparent 'tree'. An entrance at ground level into a tree formation building A bridge between buildings with five eye-like windows. A bridge leaving the main building in the form of a tree's branch with eye like windows Looking up the outside 'wall' of the house. Looking upwards by the entrance - bougainvillea season Trailers... Roundabout in central Da Lat. The next page has pictures from the city of Đà Lạt. Model of south coast of Iceland. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Comparator Hypothesis'.
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