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Facade of the Linh Phuoc Pagoda. The facade of the Linh Phước Pagoda in all its 'Baroque' splendour Close up of the elaborate detail of the area over the entrance door. Detail of the canopy and balcony over the pagoda's main entrance The Linh Phước Pagoda is about 8 kilometres directly east of Đà Lạt City on Highway 20. It is a marvel of elaborate carving and to the foreign eye seems, in its exuberance, to bear a close fellowship with the Crazy House Go to another page. in the city of Đà Lạt. However, the main hall and front of the pagoda was completed in 1952 - while the Crazy House was built a few years later and opened to the public in 1990. The pagoda has a separate bell tower in front of the main building which was added after the original construction was completed, indeed the 8 tonne bell in the tower was only installed in 1999. The complex is thronged with dragons of all sizes - the one in the courtyard reaches 49 metres in length. A broader view of the main entrance with the street and a motorcyclist. The first dragon the visitor meets... The side entrance through the curves of a dragon with a Buddha over the gateway. ...protects the side gate which leads to a courtyard Balustrade with entrance tower and entrance Buddha. Two views of the entrance and its... View of the two entrances from the tower. ...facade taken from the bell tower View across the town of the main comples with the seven story bell tower to the left. The pagoda complex from across the town. The high bell tower to the left, and the entrance tower with the main hall roof behind it, in the centre of the picture Terraced hillside with mountains beyond. Views from the top of the bell tower. Above, looking away from the town to the terraced fields and hills nearby... View out of a window in the tower of rooftops and the entrance tower. ...and here looking the other way, down onto the top of the entrance tower, with the town beyond The main complex from the tower. The pagoda complex seen from higher up the bell tower Side view of the courtyard dragon's heas with the bell tower beyond. These pictures show the two sides of the main dragon's head, this very large beast... Head of the dragon over a plump Buddha figure. ...lives inside the courtyard (that has a dragon around its gate). Above the Maitreya Buddha is being guarded by the dragon's head... Arch formed by the body of the dragon looking into the courtyard, small boy standing looking in. ...and here a hump of this 49 metre long dragon's body allows access to the inner courtyard
- a young Bảo-Sách is not quite sure if it is wise to enter.
Below the beast's writhing body with scales and claws
A coil of the dragon's body with a raised claw. The dragon's body int he courtyard with scales on its back. Very brightly decorated dragon head. And another dragon where the word 'exuberant' does not really
do justice to the energy of this tile work.

Below more wonderfully be-tiled dragons on the roofs of the bell tower
Brightly tiled dragon on the turned up corner of a roof looking back onto the roof with clouds above. Brightly tiled dragon on the turned up corner of a roof looking back onto the roof with hills beyond. The main bell tower with visitors on the road below. The 37 metre high bell tower which visitors are free to ascend Bell tower with small pavilion sheltering Buddha figure. Bell tower and pavilion Looking down on the roof of the small pavilion. The pavilion from the bell tower Looking down on the top of the coutyard dragon's head. The courtyard dragon's head from above Looking vertically upwards under the bell tower, seeing the underside of the projecting roofs. Looking directly up the bell tower with its projecting six hexagonal roofs. On the corner of each hexagon is a dragon and squid-like creature Trailers... A massive white Van Hanh Buddha with garden below. The next page of this section will take you to some other community art features of Đà Lạt - including Buddhas. The cross on the top of mount Teide in Tenerife. The next page of the Mosaic Section is to be headed 'Chiasmus'.
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