Kerala's Chinese Nets (Lift Nets)

Chinese Net and near-by post. The strange insect like silhouette of a Chinese Net in the Backwaters of Kerala This page accompanies the last one which was more generally on Kerala's Backwaters Go to another page.. One of the main features of the open lagoons that form part of the Backwaters are the Chinese (or Lift) Nets, which are used in this part of India. Their eastern pedigree can be seen in a distant sighting Go to another page. of such a net on the page about sea boats in northern Vietnam. A net is attached by its corners to the arms of the device which is hinged (pictured to the right) and can be raised and lowered from a platform on which there is also space for a protective fisherman's hut. The following images dwell on these skeletal creatures, rather than the fishing, following their patterns so enhanced by the gloom and the rain. Hinge of net support. The hinge of the supporting frame Canoe with man by a net. Nets are tended from canoes, and here a child is helping on the platform Jetty with nets beyond. Small jetty with net frames beyond Two men in canoe working on net frame. Men working on a frame from a canoe... Three men passing nets in a canoe. The shallow waters makes the use of canoes practical Two men working on nets. ...looking back at the same two men Single Chinese net frame. Chinese net frame and hut – and of course rain Two frames arching over a canoe. Frames nearly grasping canoe Frame with shelter hut. Frames marching to the right Crow on frame. Another frame in the rain, with, as this is India, its inevitable crow Hut on frame platform with palm thatch walls. The utilitarian palm thatch panels of a hut Punts near lift nets. Punters show how shallow the water is Hut on platform with sloped roof. This hut has a more house-like appearance Two foreground punts and many huts on platforms beyond. Huts, punt cabins, and punters merge in the gloom Net frame, with more beyond. When in use, as few of these frames are, the nets are attached to the four points of the arms, two points can be seen out to the top right of the frame above. The whole square net on its frame is then hinged down, dropping the net into the water, where is stays until fish swim over it. It is then lifted clear of the water so capturing the fish Canoe with men attending net frames. A hint of sun in better weather... Frames in approaching rain. ...but soon the rain approaches again and... Net frame in the rain. ...the view of the frames begins to soften in the rainfall... View along the lagoon's edge fading into the rain. ...then the distance fades away Sets of frames like insects in the rain. Net frames seem to huddle together for protection from the rain Panarama of net frames. Net frame panarama General picture of nets. More collections of... A view of a number of nets. ...these strange insects Nets in distance just visible. A parting shot as the nets disappear into the rain Trailers... Lighthouse by Alleppey Beach. The next page shows the sea-ward side of Kerala and the beach at Alleppey. Mist over the valleys near Moffat in firsts light. The next page of the Mosaic Section is 'Moffat Dawn'.
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