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Line of cycling monks on reaod, leader holder an umbrella. A religious procession with a difference. Monks on their way, Laos style Monk striding near river shore with robe flowing over his head. Surreal outlines are often yielded... Two monks walking by inlet. the robe acting as a sun shield Monks are ubiquitous in Laos - the splash of their bright saffron robes forming part of the intense light; an intensity of light that the automatic exposure on cameras tends to down-play. The snapshots on this page are mostly from Luang Prabang in the north of the country. Young men in Laos may choose a time in a monastery as a form of national service and so many 'contemplatives' are seen; but they are not all engaged in peaceful reflection, as the sequence lower down the page amusingly illustrates. Monk two girls and boat at a river. Monk watches girl watching girl watching... Three monks walking on path the last one pushing a stick up into a tree. Catching fruit from a tree... Three monks nearing the river bank. ...on their way down to the river... Monks (distantly) entering the riverside cafe. ...which has a cafe on its banks Two monks on a bicycle, the passenger peering round the cyclist who holds an umbrella. Above, the rider holds the umbrella while the passenger peers round at me... Two monks on a bicycle the passenger holding an umbrella, another monk close behind. ...while here the passenger holds the umbrella (more effectively) over the head of the cyclist Line of monks on bicycles with motorcyclist in front. Usually poles and cables are best cropped out, but here the insistence of the framing, and the general capture of the scene, asks that they stay. The westerner as pillion, the roadside businesses, and the air of dusty heat all provide context for the monks Two monks walking one with brown bag, one swathed. But monks do also walk. Despite their simple attire they ... Three monks walking one with blue bag, one green bag and yellow belts. ...manage to exhibit surprising variations on the theme Three monks pass sitting tourists with tour agency and model elephant behind them. Tourism meets Buddhism. For a real elephant see the last page Go to another page. Monk standing holding mug, robes airing behind him. Posing with mug Monk walking on street, covered gate behind. Not posing Two monks stand at a roadside, two women walking away, palms and flowers around. A quiet street in the beautiful town of Luang Prabang - again monks and tourists. A little unexpectedly the green cup he holds seems an exact compliment to his orange robe Two monks seen from above walking in a garden. Perambulating Two monks walking on a street. monks A senior monk meets with two lay people in the courtyard. The courtyard of a monastery where the... The building along one side of the monastery courtyard. ...sequence of pictures below was observed Five monks standing around a public area. Monks at leisure in the monastery courtyard Group of three monks with one turning towards a passing monk. However, something seems to have attracted attention The turner and passer engage. Undiplomatic words being exchanged... The two monks engage physically. ...and some rather un-monkish behaviour ensues They separate. A stand off... Standing apart arms spread. ...and apparent apology... One bows his head the other extends his hand. ...seems to result in contrition One of the group turns and looks at the camera. The photographer is noticed... Three monks bodies curving. ...and the body language becomes relaxed and fluid Monk stands looking out, robe swathing him, in open sided room, two others sit on either side. A more contemplative pose Trailers... The front facade of Linh Phuoc Pagoda. The next page of this section moves from monks in Laos to the Linh Phước Pagoda in southern Vietnam. The mirrored reception room in the Narenjestan in Shiraz, Iran. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Mirror Neurons'.
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