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Looking out across the mountains from Sa Pa with shafts of light falling through the clouds.

Wonder-full Photographers

...most photographers would feel a certain embarrassment in admitting publicly that they carried within them a sense of wonder, yet without it they would not produce the work they do, whatever their particular field.

Bill Brandt (1948)


In the few decades after its birth, photography changed rapidly. It developed from a pursuit for the rich and leisured classes, to an affordable hobby, and from a medium for recording Person taking photogrpah of sunset across water. Susan Sontag offers an interesting insight into what is happening when we take photographs. - catching and preserving parts of a 'reality' - to become an art form in its own right. An artist needs a motivation that the recorder and hobbyist do not. Brandt touches on a fundamental aspect of this motivation, for it is a wonder at the light, Shafts of light over the sea in north-west Iceland. A page on light as the tool of the photographer, and as a universal metaphor. photographers' medium, that inspires them; it paints their pictures and enchants their imaginations. Little surprise that photographers may carry a sense of wonder Ranges of hills away into the distance in Laos. A page offering an illustration of this landscape photographer's sense of wonder. close to their hearts, and in attempting to capture the light, they may bring us closer to that mystery we call beauty.

The quote is from Camera in London by the photographer Bill Brandt (1904 - 1983) published by Focal Press p.14.

Looking out into the hills near Sa Pa in north-west Vietnam.

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