The Market in Tĩnh Gia

Main market entrance. The main entrance to the Tĩnh Gia District Market. Here at the front entrance is the traditional arch, with the name of the town, and access to the main building Like all small towns in Vietnam, Tĩnh Gia has a very large market which caters fully for the needs of the local population. At least that has been the tradition. But westernisation is rapid here, and the traditional markets, although currently still thriving, are unlikely to survive the onslaught of the supermarkets in the next decade, any more than they did in the west. Line of kiosk backs on south side. The main market roof is just visible over the kiosk backs side entrance with beds. A side entrance - ahead the peeling main building Calendars and plastic flowers. Calendars, flowers and offering items Plastic flowers at the side entrance. Plastic flowers by an entrance Stalls at main entrance. The walkway leading to the front of the building Fruit stalls at entrance. Fruit stalls near the main entrance Stationary items. Stall owners seem to be swamped by their wares... Food accessories. ...a diminution enhanced by the low light inside the market Household items. Here everything for the kitchen. Stalls are still arranged together according to their wares: kitchen items, shoes, fish, stationary. Man sitting with shoes. ...then the shoes... Shoe aisle. ...aisles lined with shoes... Girl with shoes. ...and yet more shoes Aisle with suits. Jackets, trousers some off the peg... Seamstress. ...others made to measure The clothes, shoes and tailors occupy the central hall, and arranged around this building is a double line of Kiosks which supply household goods. Beyond these substatial buildings the other half of the market is all about food - that is for the following page. Seamstress surrounded by clothes. Seamstress in among clothes Two women sitting. Stall life is boring and interaction with other workers and customers is vital to make the day pass Woman and purples. 'When I am old I will wear purple' Central aisle and suits The pressure on space along the central aisle of the main building means that the clothes on display force adults (small Vietnamese) to stoop as they pass - while simultaneously negotiating the entreaties of stall holders The next page goes to the back entrance of the Tĩnh Gia market which leads to the produce stalls: fish, meat and vegetables. These are housed, not in a building, but as a village of tarpaulin covered stalls - airy and mud prone. Tinh Gia fish market. line
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