TLM Hospital Visit to a village in Uttar Pradesh

Paramedics interviewing villagers. A member of the TLM team interviewing villagers Two paramedics by pool. Two paramedics waiting nearby The Leprosy Mission (TLM) Go to another site. has a hospital in Naini, Go to another site. Uttar Pradesh, it is one of India's 1,000 or so units attempting to control the disease. When these pictures were taken, some 20 years ago, there were still 4,000,000 cases in India, even in 2016 Uttar Pradesh alone had nearly 13,500 records of an easily preventable disease. This page has pictures of one of the Naini hospital teams visiting the village, which was shown on the last page Go to another page., to check for new cases of the disease, and to help educate the villagers as to its avoidance. The next pages will show something more of the hospital and its work. Team in fields. The team splits up at a divide in the paths Two paramedics by barns. Two of the team approaching a farm building Two paramedics on path. The path to the farm on the left Barn and team member. Paramedic going to interview a man by his barn Man with goats. Man with damaged fingers from leprosy, and the goats TLM gave him to help the ensuing financial problems Team member and household. In one of the houses a member of the team visiting three of the villagers Village cetre and pool. The village with the team, attendant children and, most importantly, the vital cool of its central tree Two senior men. Two senior men sheltering from the heat which in these villages is oppressive even in mid-winter Villager with stethascope by house. A villager has borrowed a stethoscope from the team to entertain the children Paramedic interviewing villager. Two of the paramedics interviewing villagers, discussing the symptoms of leprosy... Senior man leaning on staff. ...what to do if they detect it, and why it need not be feared Man in kiosk shop. A village shop/kiosk (similar to that seen in Mumbai Go to another page. ) easily boarded up at night Team gathered under village centre tree. The team taking a break and sheltering from the heat under one of those miraculous village trees Bus off track. The bus, which brought us to the village, had to wait some way off - see the picture Go to another page. of the road on the... Bus reversing. ...last page. Turning the bus took a lot of attention and useful suggestions from a lot of people, shades of how... Group watching bus. ...many social workers does it take to change a light bulb. A diminutive village woman is slightly bemused Children sitting waiting for film. Village children waiting for the film show given by TLM team Setting up projector. Setting up the projector for films which both entertain and educate about leprosy Testing microphone. The whole process of visitors and a film are a great treat in communities like these Projector ready. This team is largely the same as that visiting the other villages shown above Team beside the bus. The team, kindly bearing with the photographer despite the midday sun The next page returns with the team to their hospital. The page shows you something of the buildings and the very Indian process of patients patiently waiting. In the subsequent week there will be more on the staff and patients. Reception area by TLM hospital. line
Saturday 3rd March 2018 Murphy on duty

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