A Village in the Mã Pì Lèng Pass

Village and haystacks by karst. The haystacks, trees and houses of this village somehow find footholds among the rocks of the forbidding landscape One of the most memorable aspects of the Mã Pì Lèng Pass is the fact that people seem to conduct normal lives in such place. This particular village stands near the road just before the highest point of the pass. Village fields and trees. The village from further along the road Road to the pass from the village. The road is seen here snaking away from the village into the pass This is not the only village in the pass, but it is near enough to the road for the camera to reach. The tiny 'fields' and precarious hold of the houses, is similar to that we see in County Clare and both are examples of life in a karst landscape. Women trudging up the road. Women and girls on the road by the village Photographer and parked motorbike. Hân parks the bike to catch a shot down into the gorge Hmong woman by village. Hmong village woman with the pannier basket seen in many Far Eastern countries Women on pathway. Here the women are carrying their loads along a path that skirts the rock face Resting the load on the crash barrier. ...here using a crash barrier for a rest Distant bundles by the road. Bundles by the roadside at a distance... People carrying corn stalks. ...turn into people carrying bundles of corn stalks often twice their height.... The rock and earth landscape by the village. A detail of the area at the junction of the pictures below. The red soil from here ends up flowing past Hà Nội as part of the Red River The village on its hillside. Here the village is seen at the left and the ... The gorge by the village. ...gorge drops away to the right Houses and trees of the village. And a wider version of... Area beside the village. The gorge near the village. ...the previous two pictures A local man talking to Hân. A local man from the village talks to Hân with little more Vietnamese than I have. He explained how in the dry season they had to collect all their water from the river in the gorge 2,000 feet below, when we met him he was sitting at the road side enjoying the view every bit as much as we were - those two points tell much of the story of life here
Saturday 3rd September 2016 Murphy on duty

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