Al Sorat Farm and the weekly vet's clinic

Man with goat on clinic steps. A man and his goat wait for the start of the vet's clinic conducted from these steps every Tuesday morning at a village on the outskirts of Cairo On the south-west edge of Cairo there is a small holding known as Al Sorat Farm, which is deadicated to helping animals in need, and using the activities involved (housing abused or neglected animals, offering medical treatment to animals and rearing special breads) as an educational resource. In line with this educational aim they kindly welcome interested visitors such as myself. Besides looking after a variety of animals they facilitate a weekly veterinary clinic in the local village. This is staffed by the Brooke Hospital for Animals, an international charity based in London, which has among many places a number of permanent clinics in Egypt. This one is mobile being held on steps in an open part of the village where local people can bring their ailing animals (including the human) for attention. Cart being loaded. At the farm a donkey cart is loaded up with supplies for the morning's work Cart arrived at the village square. The cart reaches the square with vets, helpers and supplies on board The farm has a website at Go to another page.

The clinic has a website at Go to another page.
The decorated back of the cart. The back of the cart is not wasted The steps that form the clinic. These are the steps that form the 'clinic' in an open space at the edge of the village Donkey cart. This donkey arrives drawing a trailer with a very ill goat in need of an urgent operation People collecting for the clinic. People soon begin to collect, while two of the vets, centre picture, discuss the day's work Village square scene. People come with patients, out of curiosity, a professional interest, or like me, sensing a photo opportunity Working on goat's foot. Pedicure for a goat Keeping records. At the left of this picture a careful record of every interaction is kept - while others attend to the patient Woman and child consulting. The vet, in blue, listens to the problems of a small animal, of human form, recounted by its mother Working on donkey's foot. Tending to the hooves of goats and donkeys... Working on donkey's foot. core work for the vets Vet with chick. Although The Brooke specialises in equines, others are welcome Attending sores caused by harness. The harnessing of animals causes problems; padding is fitted where sores may develop Mask to keep flies from eyes. A simple problem is infections of the eye caused by flies, this is largely obviated by supplying masks like this one Man on donkey by vet's cart. A man with his donkey by the vet's cart Goat being photographed. The right level of conversation Trader's goods on motorbike. A bike trader, spotting a gathering, offers his wares Donkey in a poor state. Maybe not quite up to the latest haute couture... Donkey portrait. Donkey portrait At the farm horses, donkeys and goats all pose for visiting photographers. Horse's head. Horse portrait Goat's head. Goat portrait The garden of the farm. A midday meal for vets, helpers and visitors rounds off the morning Lunch at the farm. The garden area of the house at Al Sorat Farm Local man. One very satisfied, and irresistibly photogenic, customer The next page has a little on Tahrir Square and the Nile in the centre of the city. Sunset across the Nile. line
Saturday 11th March 2017 Murphy on duty

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