Kirkcudbright's High Street

Tolbooth in the morning light. The Tolbooth Go to another site. which was constructed in 1625-7 forms the focus of attention, and the turning point of Kirkcudbright's 'L' shaped High Street This page continues the visit to Kirkcudbright this time it is devoted to the High Street the graceful elegance of which seems enhanced by its unusual right-angled turn. The buildings are mostly Georgian and in good repair enhanced by their decoration being in distinctive colours adding greatly to the street's appeal. Two websites offer some material on Kirkcudbright's history: that of the town's History Society, Go to another site. and a site on Old Kirkcudbright Go to another site. Selkirk Arms and High Street. The 'top' end of the High Street, away from the harbour, starts with the Selkirk Arms Hotel. Its name being due to the Earls of Selkirk whose seat was at St Mary's Isle by Kirkcudbright - a title which lapsed in 1885 Old Bank House Cannon. Next to the Selkirk Arms is the Old Bank House with its cannon The rear of the Tolbooth. ...when an external stone stair was added and on it was placed the Mercat Cross with its inscribed date of 1610. The picture above is taken from the school grounds Line of houses. The fine lines of Georgian buildings and the distinctive paintwork create the visually outstanding High Street Tolbooth spire and weathervane. ...stone spire with its boat as a weather vane. Access to the tower was improved in 1742 ... North side of the Tolbooth. The tower of the Tolbooth was added in 1642 and on it sits the conical... The bend in the High Street. The right angle bend in the middle of Kirkcudbright High Street West end of Tolbooth. The west end of the Tolbooth with the school beyond Custom House Close. Above Custom House Close. The closes of the High Street, each with its unique character, open up a labyrinth from the linear road. Houses were originally lined up down these narrow corridors, away from the main street... 66 High Street ...a configuration famous in Edinburgh and so like the extreme form of the 'Tunnel House' in Hà Nội Go to another site. which may extend for seventy metres back from the road. Above, the close of 66 High Street, Kirkcudbright Door of house by Tolbooth. Tolbooth's neighbouring house - 62A - with a simple rectangular surround... Doors of number 3 and 5. ...the genteel refinement of the pedimented double door of numbers 3 and 5 Plain door at number 27. surround at all at number 27 in contrast to... Window by Tolbooth. A window belonging to the same house as the door above Grilled door window. An unusually shaped window in the door of the close leading to number 14A Window in the Tolbooth. From the Tolbooth - one time jail Window with bottle glass. Window with bottle glass Jessie King's House. Gable window. A small Gable-end window Lane by Broughton House.

A lane down to the river beside Broughton House, at the foot of which can be seen the circular garden house shown below.

The circular garden house is at the foot of garden next to Broughton House
Broughton House central window. Central 'bay' of Broughton House: a 'blind bullseye window in a gablet' (ornamental gable) Above is the house of Jessie King Go to another site. the illustrator of children's books and artist of many media, she lived here from 1915 till 1949 Kirkcudbright has attracted many famous Scottish artists over the years, some with sufficient funds to live in the best houses such as that owned by Jessie King's which is just across from the Tolbooth. On an even grander scale was the house bought by the local artist E. A. Hornel Go to another site. in 1909, and in which he lived until 1933. Whatever some of us may think of his paintings, the garden he made here at Broughton House Go to another site. is outstanding. The picture below shows the house in the morning sun. It was built as number 10 High Street, in the mid-eighteenth century by the Murrays of Broughton, then owned by E.A.Hornel, and now it is in the possession of the National Trust for Scotland. Broughton House. Circular garden house. Harbour Gallery The High Street starts from the harbour. This picture is of the Harbour Gallery Go to another site. beside Moat Brae and the castle, at the harbour end of the High Street The next page goes back to the Đòng Văn Palace and the road which leads from the Palace to the most northerly corner of Vietnam at Lũng Cú. The view from the road. line
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