Quốc Lộ 32 - Preparing for Paddy

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Four green fields among many brown ones. Fields of young paddy seen along Highway 32 The drive along Highway 32 (also referred to as Route 32, or in Vietnamese,, Quốc Lộ 32) has diverse pleasures, but if the photographer had to pick one, it would be witnessing the cycle of paddy production. Previous pages have shown the watered terracing and fields in which the rice grain will be planted. This page offers some photographs of the final preparation of the ground: the ploughing, and the lifting of seedings. And the next page brings photographs of the planting, and the rich prospect of the growing plants. Water filled fields, one man ploughing, one digging. Ploughing takes place in the already immersed fields Close shot of man with buffalo plough, knee deep in water. For buffalo the mud and water are probably just fine.... Man walking behind plough pulled by buffalo. ...whether people would choose to spend days wading through mud if there were reasonable alternatives... Two ploughmen with buffalo in neighbouring fields. ...seems less certain - at least the mud is not cold. Elsewhere machines are increasingly seen Buffalo pulling plough - part of sequence in film clip. For the visitor, of course, the sight is fascinating! Wide area of fields with four buffalo visible. The start date for such ploughing, along Route 32, varies from year to year. In this photo ploughing was taking place in early March, whereas the film clip was made in late January Men leading buffalo plough while woman watches. Neighbouring fields usually belong to different families, so such sights as these probably indicate two families... One man with plough seen extracting his leg from the mud. ...working alongside one another. You can almost hear the sucking noise of the mud as feet are lifted from it Neighbours working in their mud. Buffalo being led away. Numerous fields just beginning to show green, dotting of figures everywhere. The prospect of fields at planting time in early spring. The dots scattered across this quietly busy scene are people planting rice seedlings Near fields deep green with woman bending in them, other mud fields with women, house in background. These photos show a set of nursery beds. Traditionally rice seed is sown in such areas and then transplanted out into the open fields in the early spring Woman in green fields bending over basket. These five photos show a woman at work lifting bunches of seedlings and putting them into her basket to be carried out to the fields Woman looking up at photographer as she plucks handfuls of paddy. 'Traditionally' as some, maybe mostly younger people, now plant the rice seeds directly to where they will grow, so eliminating the hard work of... Woman going to place paddy in basket. ...transplanting. By some this is seen as lazy, and the poorer starting conditions do delay the ripening of the paddy by a couple of weeks Woman placing seedlings in basket. Man pushing shovel under bunch of paddy. There is no particular role division to the parts of the work... Man lifting shovel of paddy. ...although the approach to the task may vary Woman by planted field, man with buffalo and plough. A summary of the work of planting, mud... Woman bending at acute angle beside seedings. ...and back breaking bending all day General view of many fields with water filling them, green shoots appearing and bamboos separateing some fields. Another summary: an idyllic landscape of bamboos and paddy fields

Trailers... Paddy fields in front of a house. Now the fields are ready and the seedlings can be planted out - so to the next page: the planting of the paddy Blazing misty sunset on Kirkcudbright golf course. The next page of the Mosaic Section is to be headed 'Memory'.
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