Quốc Lộ 32 - Field Walking

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Pattern of fields, near ones under water, bamboos and mountains. Fields on a wide flat valley floor. The hydrological works, for which Vietnam is famous, depend on these simple low dykes. Walking such narrow banks is not a casual matter Man walking on dyke with reflection in water filled field. A man carrying a basket and rod is walking... This page continues the sequence based on Quốc Lộ/National Highway 32. Here the photographs concern those characteristic field edges seen on previous pages. These slight edgings offer workers the only dry paths to their fields, and offer the photographer the patterns of light falling between walker and water. In the evening light these motions may be mesmerising, but even without movement, the stills can catch the complex reflections. Below the sets of pictures follow people as they progress along a bank. The fields they are walking beside, are about to be, or have newly been, planted with paddy. More on the planting of paddy on the next two pages. Man walking on dyke with reflection in water filled field ...by newly planted... Man walking on dyke with reflection in water filled field. ...fields of paddy... Man walking on dyke with reflection in water filled field. ...As the sun sinks his figure almost... Man walking by ploughed field. ...becomes a silhouette, passing a ploughed, but unplanted, field... Man walking by ploughed field. ...and here approaching a nursery bed for paddy... Man approaching area of seed beds. ...from which the seedings have been partly lifted Wide view of water filled fields, ten small figures in the distance. Another field-scape with a number of workers (toward the top left) planting seedlings Man walking on dyke stepping over gap. Another man steps out over a drainage gap... Distant man walking beyond the gap. ...and on between fields sparkling with green shoots... Dot of a man across fields. ...the green of the bamboo trees beyond, echoing the water... Closer view of man striding with reflection. ...which offers perfect still reflections Broad flat paddy filled valley with many dozen field workers in the distance. In another valley on Route 32, the same activity is seen in early spring every year - no noisy machinery, just the chatter of workers - with sore backs! Man on dyke with pannier. Here a man has a pannier of seedings... Man on dyke with pannier. ...and a shovel, and is moving from one of the nursery beds... Man on dyke with pannier and reflection. ...to the main fields with his not inconsiderable burden... Man on dyke with pannier. ...but... Man with pannier sitting down on dyke leggs in water on either side. ...well maybe it was better to get down anyway! However, getting up will not be easy... Man with pannier again walking on dyke, but using shovel for support. ...he manages; and now is using his shovel to assist his passage Terraced mud fields with buffalo and in foreground three dense green fields. Buffalo being allowed to enjoy the mud of unplanted fields; below them the contrasting green of planted fields Two non-farming figures walking on dyke. And two non-locals. A Vietnamese man steps cautiously onto a narrow bank, followed by a western visitor... Two non-farming figures walking on dyke. The paddy by later March, at the southern end of Route 32, is now over six inches (15 cms) high Vietnamese man walking on dyke, showing how narrow the path is. The path is only sandal width... Westerner following on dyke. ...the visitor follows... Westerner showing signs of positive balancing. ...and topples? Field with paddy seedlings just showing above the water. No. Not documented, but it was not a problem.

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