Quốc Lộ 32 - Fields

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Gentle slope covered in the crurved lines of terrances that bound the fields. The distinction between terraces and fields is a bit artificial, for the purposes of this page the move is away from steep slopes. Fields looking like contour lines on a map, the dots are horses -
they are not common in Vietnam
Small single karst staning behind field of corn. In places Route 32 rises considerably in height, then paddy gives way to (sweet) corn, here with a karst backdrop This page continues to present photographs from along Route 32, turning now to photographs of fields. However, the page assiduously steers clear of paddy which dominates Route 32, as it does with so many highways in Vietnam - it receives full attention in future pages. Here, while paddy cannot be avoided, it is other crops and patterns that attract the camera's attention. The steep slopes of the previous page seem to necessitate terracing, as lower ground is reached, a new reason emerges: the complex system of irrigation that is so typical of the landscape, terrace walls become field divisions which act as controls on the flow of water. Looking down a slope of dry terraces covered in stubble Brown stubble on hillside fields contrasts... A flat plain with rows of greens, mountains beyond. ...with green vegetables on a lowland plain Orderly rows of plants on slope and in front of house below. The neat rows of a tea farm contrast with some rather... Scrubby area of plants leading to rising ground. ...scruffy coffee plants - coffee in the north is uncommon Rising hillside with strong lines of planting. The sight of these tea plantations... Looking onto tea slope with path between bushes. ...towards the southern end of Route 32 Tea plants drunning from near camera into distance figure in pink and hat. A figure lends scale Substantial house with vegetables, bananas and fields of tea in foreground. This farmhouse, of a tea plantation, is in typical Thai style with the old tiled hipped roof and stilts which leave storage space below Low brown terracing in winter. Here, fields on lower ground offer a contrasting unkempt view Misted view from hill looking down onto green fields on valley floor. Looking down, through light mist, to the pattern of fields on a valley floor Dry brown terraces leading down to river. And in this photo the terraces meet a highland river Signs of green in fields leading down to village. These fields are beginning to green, and possibly may not include paddy (unlikely!)... Looking across paddy fields beginning to turn green towards village. ...but here I cannot resist including an image of the pattern of paddy fields and bamboo Two girls, two buffalo and calf in pool, water wheels behind. Before turning wholeheartedly to the subject of paddy fields (in the next pages) some shots around water in the fields. Where there is too little fall in the ground level, wheels like these are used to raise water to the higher fields - they are powered by the stream's movement. Rainfall in Vietnam is similar to Scotland, which, given the tropical climate, makes it heaven for many plants - if less so for people. Children, such as these girls looking after their family's buffalo, are delighted for the excuse to join their charges in the pool Girls on buffalo backs looking up at photographer. Animals often seem amazingly tolerant of human children... Girl on buffalo back splashing. ...putting up with behaviour otherwise irritating Girl coming out of pool leading buffalo. Leading the buffalo out of the pool... ...a clip of film can take over Deep piles of fish traps in bundles in front of shop. Water has other uses besides supporting plants. Fish ponds are ubiquitous, this shop is selling fish traps; the fish swim into the bamboo cylinder... Close-up view of one of these fish traps. ...and the spikes inside the hole prevent their return Bamboo poles staked just under water surface. Here a different use of water: the bamboo is pinned below the surface for many months to prevent future rotting A rather ordinary hen. OK there are, of course, hens everywhere Nineteen ducklings together alone. But what is much more entertaining is that there are ducks everywhere as well. This lot look a bit young to be out and about alone Wide valley with mountains, valley floor covered by shallow terraced fields some turning green. After a page of fields trying to avoid paddy, here it comes. Seen here through that slight mist that is prevalent in the winter months, the landscape is dominated by paddy fields wherever the land is sufficiently fertile

Trailers... Fertile valley floor with scores of fields separated by small embankments and mountains in the background. The next Picture Posting page has photographs of those, surely precarious, narrow paths that separate the fields Water cascading over a cliff edge into a river with spray filling the air. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Water'.
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