Quốc Lộ 32 - Houses on Terraced Hillsides

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This, the second in the series of pages about Quốc Lộ 32 (Highway 32) in northern Vietnam, shows one of the most eye catching features of the route - the hillside terracing with their dotting of houses. When on the steep slopes these are stilted like Thai houses, and certainly many are no more than small huts to let the farmers be close to their land for particular seasons. Here it is their aesthetic appeal that is being fully indulged, accordingly comments are restricted. Route 32 runs for some 200 miles (350 kms); most of these photos are from the northern part of the road. Stilt house perched on terraces, more on mountainside beyond. A stilt house near the top of its terraces Valley with clouded mountains in the distance, village to right and terraces decending. Terraces dropping away from a village Stilted house looking down wide valley with distant hills ...and just a hint of terracing Karst range with track to house perched on hillside in foreground. Houses with views... Silhouetted house on hill crest with large mountains looming up through mist beyond. What might the estate agent's blurb say in praise of this house's situation? Hillside of terraces. Hillsides can seem like a morse code of dashes (terraces)
and dots (houses)
Valley with hills terraced in waving lines. This is the same view as seen in the photo just below, but taken some 10 years earlier Valley side terraces. This is a photo which epitomises views on the winding drive along Route 32. The changes in 10 years are not great, but the trees on the hill towards the right are gone and the terracing seems to have been extended on the far left hillside Small figure sitting with expansive terraced landscape beyond. A woman sitting looking down the valley (parts of which are seen above and below) Hillside slopping to river but with far less terracing and more trees. Upstream from where the woman was sitting, the terracing gives way to trees and scrub Tounge shaped hill terraced and sloping down towards river. A tongue of terraced hill, formed by the river Terraces running down to flatter land and fields at their base. The extent of these terraced hillsides seems daunting, imagine climbing up and down this slope during your day's work River bed with bamboos and terraces rising from it. This shot shows the context of the two houses in the following photo, below-left Two stilted houses on terraced slope. Two stilt houses with attendant bamboos Two nearby houses where steep hill begins to flatten out. Here the steep terracing is giving way to fields in the valley floor Closer view of the last two hoousees with man bending. Man (with child) working by the house shown above-right Stilted house on terraces with the spouts of water that drain each level in view. Three water spouts taking water down three terraces Dense pattern of curved terraces in side valley. These lines of terracing, of a steep hillside, almost seem to introduce a mild form of interference pattern to the photograph Area of flatter ground at foot of hills with widly spaced terraces by river. Dropping down to the valley floor where the steep terraces become barely sloping fields House and hut by fields in river valley. There is to be more on these field patterns on the next Picture Posting page House with slightly wider terracing and crazing cattle. Cows grazing the terraced 'fields' which, with the drop in gradient,
have become wider
At the foot of the hills a village sits amongst trees with low terraces in front. Right down to the valley floor here with a village amongst the trees Hut with path up to house that has the typical hipped open ended roof. A closer view of the house and its veranda Stilted house on wider terrrace with man hoeing. And, lastly, a closer view of that man, his house,s and his home field

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