Mai Châu Dancers

Six women kneeling holding pink fans. Dances with fans are elegant genteel activities in the Far East, often used as a form of collective exercise. Professional dancers may produce a level of coordination that echoes murmurations in the way separate bodies blend into a single moving whole - a goal for village demonstrations Line of women kneeling holding bowls and chopsticks. A dance with bowls and chopsticks The tourist village of Mai Châu was established to help develop tourism in the area, and, as part of that project, guest houses were funded and cottage industries established - in particular weaving, some examples of which can be seen on the last page. Go to another page. Local dance performances were also encouraged and accordingly there are dance displays held within one of the guest houses on most nights, or on the stage area the village now boasts - although this is dependent on the numbers of visitors staying in the village on that day. The pictures on this page were taken over the ten year period from 2007 to 2016 and so feature many different dancers. Two men and a woman standing behind three women kneeling all holding pompoms. And one featuring pompoms Four men in a corner, one drumming. In their dark corner musicians, regularly colleagues... Three pairs of women holding holding broad coloured bands forming a six-pointed star. ...of the dancers, accompany the noticeably Thai flavoured set Six women on the ground swaying, holding bowls. Bowls and chopsticks at mat level this time, and... Six women with pink fans kneeling  heads towards the ground. ...a shot from a the traditional fan dance as seen above Outside against rocks six women standing shaking pompoms. Here, a few years later, the pompoms are out again, this time during an afternoon performance. As the popularity of the resort increases so the number of performances has grown Six women in a line watch a man drink from a jug through a long straw. Here are the endings of two performances. Shows conclude by offering the audience the opportunity of sampling a local wine from a communal jar. A guest obliges and... Cast of dancers in line clapping. ...above performers clap their audience, as is tradition Six women in bare feet dancing with pink scarves on stone floor. Warm colours but cold stone floor for feet in the winter months Two men on motorbike with large loudspeaker. Not quite enough room for a roadie for this band Photo taken from behind audience showing cast in line. Men at bar on stools, dancers byond. The covered viewing area forms an extension of the bar where the visitor, who appeared above, is already preparing for his performance Above are two clips of film taken at the open air dance. While the clips are of poor quality (sadly Sony videos are hard to convert for the internet, maybe conveying something of the low-fi sound) you might get a hint of flowing movements of the dancers, and their efforts to draw in the audience. Seven women sitting on the ground with mock instraments. Back to the more intimate atmosphere of a performance in one of the houses;
a mock Vietnamese monochord as prop
Three women kneeling and bowing arms outstretched. The dance had started from the floor Women circling holding mock instraments over their heads. And led at the end to a circle An infant holding a door and looking in. A young audience Incised clay lantern and squatting dancers. Darkness adds to the occasion Man standing singing. A solo in winter (socks on) 'Stage' area with dancers, audience to left, and rocks behind. The 'stage' its backdrop and the audience at night Two men and two women dancing together. Yes, men do join the performers sometimes At night looking through to the performance area, trees with lights in them. ...different performances Six women with pompoms kneeling. Same costumes at... Three women with aprons and umbrellas. 'Three Little Maids..." However, in this case, ethnic Thais from a Vietnamese culture with 'Party' testimonials along the back wall to prove it Trailers... Light shafts between hills and clouds with river in foreground. The next page of this section takes you out to the area around Mai Châu village. Scottish Wild Cat. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Wild Cat'.
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