Around Mai Châu

Steep hills with sun bursting over them and a river in the foreground. Morning sun reaching over the hills and down towards Mai Châu This page follows on from the one on the village of Mai Châu, Go to another page. with photographs taken in the fields around the village. They show some of the activities in the area set against the background of the hills that surround the community. These hills line the valley and its river which forms one of the main tributaries of the River Mã. The next page then continues down that valley following the river. Paddy fields in winter, hills and sun breaking behind. Paddy fields in the strath by the village of Mai Châu Fileds leading towards hills with just discernible buildings in the distance. Belt of trees in front of hill. These four shots were taken from the fields beside the village of Mai Chau. Above left, the town of Mai Châu can just be seen lying behind the trees about one kilometre away. Above right, trees sheltering the village. Below left, other parts of the village, which straggles some distance, can be seen emerging from the trees. And below right, the edge of the village nearest the town where the houses open directly onto the fields. Wooded hillside with houses to the left below the hill. Line of stilted Thai houses beside fields. Thai house with wicket fenced vegetables and piled chattels. A traditional thatched Thai house just near the village with the customary heaps of accoutrements of country living; and a vegetable patch well protected from passing grazers Foreground field of pink flowers, paddy and houses beyond. Three fields in front of village houses. Four more views of the area beside the village. Above left, a field of flowers next to young paddy. Above right, the paddy fields near the houses before the next crop has been planted. Below fields ready flooded for planting. Flooded fields with tree and hills byond. Flooded fields with village houses beyond. Stream betwenn fields with hut and ducks. A stream irrigates the fields by the village which not only grow crops but allows the breading of ducks and fish. It is easy to forget in the drier... Hut on stilts by water. ...winter months that rainfall can be heavy and fishermen need these protective huts Large thatched hut or house by the water. Maybe a humble dwelling; probably a store Group of ducks on narrow bank between water. The internet has the collective noun as a waddling of ducks. Exactly Two men ploughing with buffalo in shallow water. The new rice is planted in shallow water in late January to early February. And a second harvest six months later. First the ground is ploughed. While mechanical ploughs are getting commoner, seeing farmers following buffalo (or other cattle) is still normal Man ploughing stubble in mud. Old stubble being turned into the ground Woman walking in field of mud. All jobs involving mud to the knees Two men ploughing. Photogenic work maybe - but not an enviable life style Two people setting up protective frames over mud ready to be planted. Setting up protective framework Large calf eating at path side. Cattle here eat to work, or be eaten; there is no dairy farming Fields green with new paddy, flowers beyond. And then the mud and hard work is over and... Fields of new paddy with the village houses beyond. ...the new green of the young paddy takes over the fields Thai stilt house behind fields of paddy. A picture summarising the fields around Mai Châu. A Thai stilt house and the neat lines of bright green paddy seen in February with a backdrop of hills. The bamboo pipe in the foreground is transferring water between the fields Trailers... The Ma River and distant mountains. The next page of this section continues down the valley from Mai Châu village following a tributory of the River Mã. Fox running along horizon with sea and peninsular beyond. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Horizon as Liminal'.
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