Laos - Of Low Country and an Elephant

Elephant drinking at side of pool with woods behind. An elephant stops at a pool for a drink Away from the forests Go to another page. karsts and dust Go to another page. seen on previous pages, Laos has a gentle homely face, with water, small villages, and friendly people. This page has some images of this aspect of the country. Into which comes that strange evocative 'flop-flop' sound that an approaching elephant makes walking along a road. Clearly going about some fairly inconsequential business, this one was in need of a drink and allowed us the opportunity of catching her enjoying the refreshment. River stretching away seen between two tree trunks. Away from the expansive forests of Laos, water is the focus of the landscape Small herb of baffalo in a river. Buffalo enjoying their natural environment... Buffalo on spit of land with water around. ...and one still wet from its dip Adult buffalo with three calfs, one small and submerged. A mother buffalo with her calf in tow. They often seem unconcerned that water which is a pleasant depth for an adult is surely disconcertingly deep for a calf Palms framing a pair of buffalo grazing. Tranquility in a hot country with grazing buffalo... Large numbers of logs on rivers edge. ...and resting logs - these maybe on passage downstream House perched on the fiver bank, hills in distance and canoes moored. A room (on stilts) with a view A tractor for carriage sitting in shallow water unattended. A tractor cart left to cool in the river Two or three dozen children and families playing in shallow water. Children and families cooling off House above pool with fish nets. Fixed nets Pool with fish nets and woods beyond. Blossom, buffalo and ducks A new looking stilt house at the roadside with people near by. A stilt house looking as though its very newly built Shrubs at the roadside with red and yellow flowers. Free roadside decoration Modern house with ground floor walled in and large red shrub in front. A modern version of a stilt house, living spaces above, although with the ground-floor enclosed Row of thatched houses with frames over the thatch. Entering a stilt house village. The thatched roofs held in place by an external framework Village street with two pedestrians, houses with woven walls. Village street with thatched roofs and the woven wall panels bearing witness to the fine weather
that can be expected. Again the external roof framework can be seen
Houses ranged up on river bank. A river-side village with houses on higher stilts - maybe a sign that floods are not uncommon Two houses with differing woven wall patterns. More woven walls and thatched roofs. The piles of stones are typical of imminent foundation building Elephant approaching along road. And flopping its way into the homely scenes - one elephant... Two girls under umbrells passing. ...and equally as natural two passing girls Right side of elephant and its two riders. The steady, easy power of the pace is mesmerising Left side of elephant. Front view of elephant. There is a purposefulness in her stride which might be due to... Elephant standing at the edge of a pool splashing itself. ...knowing that up ahead there was a pool of water One of the drivers on the elephant on his cell phone. Elephant drivers need to stay in touch too One of the drivers looks down at the Jeep. A hint of superiority perhaps The back of the elephant as it trudges off followed by two very small boys, one with arm on the other's shoulder. Chao Trailers... Monks riding bikes with umbrellas. The next page of this section continues in Laos with pictures of the utterly ubiquitous sight of saffron clad monks. Bearded man sitting looking at the camera. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Projection'.
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