Waterways in Cao Bằng

A water pump on a river with a karst background. A river with its water pump, a surrounding of bamboos, and karsts for background,
a view epitomising the Cao Bằng landscape
While the cascades of Bản Giốc Go to another page. provide a focus for tourism, more generally, the waterways of this north-eastern province of Vietnam, combine with the karst hills to form a landscape that is often enchanting - a personal favourite. These rivers and streams are quietly flowing, meandering through the wide fertile valleys between the karst hills that are Go to another page. so typical of the area. Overall Vietnam has plenty of rain varying in amount from the arid deserts in the south to over four metres among some hills. Cao Bằng lies between these extremes (a metre and a half a year) so water is plentiful but comes in manageable amounts. Traditionally rainfall has been confined to the hot summer months between May and September, although the last couple of years have seen heavy rain in, what were previously, dry winters. Pool with bamboos beside it. Bamboos are evocative of these areas of water with both the reflection and the rustling of the leaves seeming magnified River disappearing into light mist between karsts. Vietnam's rain, and the many areas of open water, produce high humidity levels, in turn this means that many landscapes are shrouded in mist Oxbow bend in a river. Gently sloping land gives slow moving rivers and the formation of meanders - oxbow bends Flooded paddy fields with buffalo. Paddy fields on terraces seem like symbols of Vietnam - ready flooded these ones await planting Galde with turquoise water. A glade in the northern most part of the province with the typical turquoise water Two trees with bright flowers. Deciduous trees flowering before leafing Valley with terraces on the hillside and below. A mixture of flat and hillside terracing Valley winding between hills with bamboos at the water's edge. Detail of bridge and barrage from previous picture. Two of the common man-made elements of the rivered landscape of Cao Bằng are footbridges and barrages. Seen on the wandering bamboo edged river in the picture to the left and in detail above Detail of pictue below showing four fishermen preparing their nets. Detail of the fishermen in the picture below River in karst valley with fishermen. Four men preparing their nets to fish in the river which winds its way between the karsts Net being taken out across the river. The net to taken out across the width of the river - a motorcyclist is washing his bike in the background Net ends being taken upstream. The two ends of the net are brought upstream... Net being gathered in. ...and then pulled together... Net being made into a bundle. ...the net is bundled ready to be taken out... Bundled net being lifted out of the water. ...and then lifted out of the water Net spread out on land and the fish removed. On land the catch is picked out of the net and... Plastic sive with a few tiny fish. ...placed in a bowl revealing its diminutive scale Stream, village and karsts beyond. A quiet stream flows out through the fields of newly planted corn, with the owners' village and the hallmark Cao Bằng karsts Trailers... People on punt ferry in the rain. The next page has more inland water, coming from both above and below - to Kerala in southern India. Cross legged meditator by Hoan Kiem Lake. The next page of the Mosaic Section is:
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