The Sea by Kirkcudbright

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Kirkcudbright from the Stell. Kirkcudbright from the Stell, on the other bank of the Dee Kirkcudbright's main delight is the estuary beside which it sits, this opens out into a wide bay and on into the Solway Firth. Together these areas of water give the town the quality of light which has, for over 100 years, attracted artists to work here. Artists still known include: James Guthrie, E.A.Hornel, W.Y. McGregor, S.J. Peploe, E.A.Taylor and Jessie King. Summer view of marina. A summer view of the marina with the town behind Morning at Kirkcudbright marina. An autumn view back from the town towards the Stell At the marina. The marina was developed in 2002 following the installation of pontoon moorings in 1995 Marina and harbour. The view from the marina towards the harbour Warehouses converted to flats. The warehouse beside the harbour was converted to flats over 20 years ago Fishing boats at the harbour. Today Kirkcudbright is an active fishing harbour, but this is relatively new only really developing in the 1960s The River Dee provides the town with its sheltered harbour and forms the estuary that leads to the sea The harbour-side. The harbour-side with houses and church beyond A Fishing boat leaves the harbour. A fishing boat leaves the harbour on the high tide. The big tidal movements here (up to 9 metres) often leave the harbour as little more than a mud bed Kirkcudbright from cemetery. The view of Kirkcudbright from the cemetery Entrance gates to cemetery. The cemetery on the hill behind Kirkcudbright has entrance gates reputed to have been moved there having previously been the town gates Gravestones. Gravestones Situated on higher ground the dead and their attendants have a commanding view of the town and the river as it curves into the estuary beyond South side of Kirkcudbright. The view across the town from the south side... East side of Kirkcudbright. ...and round to the marina and its eastern end Bay south of Kirkcudbright. To the south of the town the River Dee opens out to form the Bay known as Manxman's Lake, St Mary's Lighthouse is at the far end Daffodils on Mutehill. Daffodils above Mutehill overlooking Manxman's Lake. The Bay shares with the Lake of Menteith the use of the English word 'Lake' in an older Scottish name Winter sunset from Mutehill. Sunset from above Mutehill looking across Manxman's Lake in winter Sunset over Manxman's Lake And the same again. This photographer at least finds the view at sunset irresistible! The next page goes back to Đồng Văn, and a little on the environs of the Đồng Văn Palace. Valley between Dong Van and the Dong Van Palace. line
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