Beached Boats in Tĩnh Gia

Coloured boats on beach at Tinh Gia Brightly painted flat bottomed boats waiting... Anchored boats ...anchored at the water's edge Black boats The other common type of boat here is black with a keel The flat sandy beaches of the Vietnamese coastline are 'home' to the small boats of the fishermen: normal weather conditions mean that dragging the vessels clear of the tide line is all that is needed for their protection. Boats with cabins at anchor This group of flat bottomed boats, belonging to another village, has cabins In a walk of a few hundred metres along the shore of Tĩnh Gia, a variety of fishing boats can be seen, all made from bamboo: poles strapped together to form a flat boat, sometimes with a cabin, or the bamboo woven and tarred. Motorbike by boat Biking to work Boat and bike Here a family have left their shoes by the bike, and the man his trousers; the drag mark of the boat, as it was taken into the sea, can be seen to the left of the bike Boats and motorbike Old black boat An older boat seemingly abandoned; not filling with water so probably no longer sea worthy During the day the boats are temporarily moored ready to leave. But if they are not needed they are dragged up the beach to safety. The smaller craft are placed on their sides or overturned completely. Boats and rudders The rudders are used as props to hold the boat Boats and wheels A pair of wheels waits to take the boat to the sea. A set of wheel marks can be seen in the centre of the picture Black boats upturned Upturned boats on Tĩnh Gia beach Flat boats on sides Flat bottomed boats showing the holes for the engines Flat boats propped up The same two boats from the other side Flat boat with cabin The heavier boats are left nearer the sea Boat with nets Nets with their poles and the rudder are left on the boat in normal weather Boat on shore The movement of the tides can be used to let the boat float when needed Boats beached high up Maybe a storm is forecast; these vessels seem marooned - almost surreally so The next page goes to the night market in Hà Nội that, on three nights a week, takes over the street that runs from Hoàn Kiếm Lake to the Đồng Xuân Market. Paramedic interviewing villager. line
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