Alleppey (Alappuzha) Beach in Kerala

Figures on the beach near the lighthouse. The beam of the lighthouse shows as dusk comes to the beach by Alleppey Alleppey lies a few miles south of Cochin on the Kerala coast. It offers the moderate climate of Kerala with the sands and palms that tourists desire. In the 90s, when these photos were taken, few foreigners visited the area and it was the playground of the Indian middle classes - particularly students - who came to walk and swim. The current rendering of the name is Alappuzha coming from the state language of Malayalam, it is hard to reproduce in English. Boat with many seats amongst palm trees. Ceremonial boat well away from the water Line of ceremonial boats. This line of boats with their many seats would have few practical purposes Black ceremonial boat with flowers. Another ceremonial boat with added flowers Two boats with fewer seats. However, these boats seem to have room for working Boats with palm mats over them. Boats drawn away from the water with protective palm covers Three men silhouetted with their net. Silhouettes in the dusk as... Four fishermen with their net, three students stand close by watching. ...fishermen haul in their nets, watched by three students A crossbow firing a harpoon. Another means of fishing - a crossbow harpoon Shop with display and people standing. Shop near the river mouth Two men standing beside boats. Dhoti up, and half down... Looking through palm grove towards river joining the sea. Palm grove near the river's entrance to the sea Pool between palms. Pool on the landward-side of the palms Palm at sharp angle by river's mouth. Too much beer... Palms near the river's mouth. ...with some less inebriated friends Spit of sand with figure and two boats. The spit of sand at the river's mouth Bathers attend to the surf Six men in the sea waiting for an approaching wave. Woman, man and child looking out at waves. Absorbed... Sand by palms with many families and children. On the beach families, children and crows mingle... Sand at edge of sea with waves coming in. ...and just below the breakers crash and rattle Four bathers face and large incoming wave. Bathers turn towards an incoming wave Four fully clothed students in the sea. Indian men, and the more middle class women... A view of a number of nets. they students... General picture of nets. ...friends... A view of a number of nets. ...or families, do enjoy posing... Five men by stone table under tree. ...whether at play, or at work A family poses with the lighthouse behind. The lighthouse begins to flash... Breakers in the setting sun. ...and the tropical sun sets vertically into the sea... A view of a number of nets. ...and leaves the world to... Trailers... Net repair on Chennai Beach. The next page goes to the other side of India - to Chennai (Madras). A boulder on a beach in northern Iceland. The next page of the Mosaic Section is
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