Icelandic Birds of Cliffs and Stacks

Puffin on rock. Puffins are irresistibly photogenic This page continues from the one on Icelandic birds Go to another page. adding photographs of birds that live on the cliffs at Látrabjarg, and the stacks of black volcanic rock along Snæfellsnes, both of these areas are in north-west Iceland. The Látrabjarg cliffs are spectacular not just for the shear scale of their 1,400 feet (450 metre) vertical drop, but for the number of birds to which they give home: there are estimated to be some five million breeding pairs here. Pair of puffins standing. Here the birds seem unthreatened by humans... Puffin head turned. ...maybe because there are few people compared... The start of the cliffs at Latrabjorg. Puffin with Razorbill beyond. ...allowing these photos to be... Puffin sitting. the vast number of birds, so... Razorbill head turned. A razorbill keeping watch Two puffins in conversation. ...taken from a few feet away The dot (at the top left edge of the picture) is a person on the edge of a 700 foot cliff at Látrabjarg - half the height of the cliffs to the east Razorbill flapping. Razorbills: the eye showing at the end of the bridle Three puffins in conversation. A group of puffins conversing as house sparrows do Three razorbills. A group of razorbills keeping an eye out from the cliff-top. Although it is hard to distinguish the eyes of these birds Sea stack with gulls nests. A sea stack its surface covered in gulls' nests Rocks and islet covered in gulls nests. More areas of intense nesting Kittiwake colongy. A kittiwake colony with attendant guillemots Nesting kittiwake with razorbills. A nesting kittiwake with razorbills close by Sea stack in shape of an arch. Striking shapes are common in this soft volcanic rock offering complex surfaces ideal for nesting Kittiwake with young chicks. Kittiwake with two chicks. Kittiwake and chick. Kittiwakes with chicks of various ages Four kittiwakes with their chicks. Kittiwake with chicks. Stack with cormorants. Stack with cormorants Fulmar on grass ledge. A pristine fulmur sits on grass by clean rock... Guillemots blending into the guano covered rocks. ...while guillemots blend into guano covered ledges Guillemot watching out from a cliff. A guillemot keeps watch from the cliffs Trailers... Artic fox. The next page has more on these cliffs at Látrabjarg and this particular inhabitant. Photographer catching the sunset at Kippford. The next page in the Mosaic Section is headed
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