The Streets of Hội An

Hoi An's main shopping street. The main shopping street of Hội An populated with many foreign tourists, but also a place the Vietnamese enjoy visiting Restaurant and tourist office. Restaurant and tourist information offices with balconies above This second page on Hội An is devoted to the main shopping streets, with their pan-tiled roofs and carved doors and windows. As with the river area, the town is schizophrenic: its daytime self and its nocturnal counterpart. While foreigners flock here in droves there are also many Vietnamese who come to see what is rare in Vietnam, a town with older buildings in a state of good preservation. Street with lanterns. Lanterns are a common feature of streets, although many Vietnamese people disapprove of such overt celebration of the foreign Chinese culture Old cafe. Cafe oozing antique charm Ordinary cafe. This cafe probably has cheaper and better coffee but clearly does not lay on the charm Row of old single story shops. A row of clothes and fabric shops in the old pan-tiled buildings Three kiosk shops. Three kiosk shops sharing one roof Pagoda entrance. Entrance to the coutyard of the pagoda on the left Pagoda and courtyard. Small pagoda (Buddhist building) with its courtyard Temple. Entrance to a temple. Pagoda is used as the translation for a Buddhist temple, and the word temple reserved for buildings dedicated to important people, such as Hồ Chí Minh, and ideas of a secular nature - the nearest cultural equivalent in the west might be the house/museums of famous people Dress shop. Dress shop with balcony Shoe shop. Shoe shop with balcony Before and Now cafe. The 'Before and Now' cafe-bar with Che Guevara image Model ship shop. A shop of model ships Narrow ochre lane. Narrow lane with motorbike ramp Meeting house entrance. The entrance to a meeting house Cement walled lane. Cement walls; so dull compared to ochre Porcelain shop. A porcelain shop with a Chinese sign, this latter meaning just as much to the average Vietnamese person as to you Rank of cycle rickshaws. The great advantage of cycle rickshaws is that the driver has a comfortable place to sit, chat from, or sleep in, between customers Mango cafe. Mango cafe Art gallery. An art gallery with chairs for tea and persuasive selling Gift shop. Gift shop Gallery cafe. Gallery cafe Jeweller. Jeweller Souvenir shop. Clothes and gifts from a 'Souvenir Shop' Before and Now cafe after dark. The 'Before and Now' cafe-bar after dark Cherry Blossom interior. The appealing interior of the Cherry Blossom Restaurant with its menu at the entrance to attract later diners Thanh Hien restaurant. The Thanh Hien Restaurant on Bạch Đẳng street with its stategically placed tables for street watching Truong An gift shop. The Trường An gift shop sign above its door offers, amongst other things, "Building of all kinds of construction" and "Restoring of ancient vestiges". Always good to know where one can get ones vestiges restored Cherry Blossom restaurant. Cherry Blossom Restaurant with its banana trees. Above this picture is one taken an hour or so later. In this picture two waitresses stand at the door and seek to entice early guests into the restaurant Goldern Flower restaurant. The Goldern Flower Restaurant - summarises Hội An's evening charm The next page is about a roof; our cafe's roof. Eight years ago it was thatched, quite a long life for palm leaves, they had started to leak, so it has now had a new tiled roof put on. The page has some pictures of both processes. Thatching the cafe roof. line
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