Hân and Duyên's Bistro

Front of restaurant. The front of the new restaurant Reataurant's tree and main road sign. In best tradition the name is displayed multiple times Don't be too misled by the title Bistro. This was due to the word 'restaurant' being too long, and the need for a short word to fit the space available. Inside you will not find an intimate space with low lights, rather a small brightly lit hall. Nor should Vietnamese friends take the translation of 'bistro' as a 'small drinking place' too seriously. It is not small with its 140 or so seats on two floors, together with five private dining rooms. What singles it out is the the high quality fresh sea food which is steamed at your table, by yourself or the staff as you wish. Restaurant name displayed in flowers. The restaurant's name made in (plastic) flowers Restaurant and neighbours. The neighbouring shop supplies containers of all sizes to hold home made wine and vodka View from the rear of the restaurant of a nearby graveyard. The path to the fields at the rear of the restaurant gives access to the graveyard and to a view of the... View of rear of restaurant. ...restaurant's rear that the customers do not see; the restaurant is the building capped in red tiles Ground floor full of diners. View of the ground floor of the restaurant with the 8 tables full Rear of main dining room. Looking towards the back of the main dining room with the bar to the left at the back, the mural above, and the fish tanks and staircase to the right The restaurant's altar. Nestling by the bar is the business's altar. Every house and workplace has such in Vietnam where flowers, food, imitation money, drink and cigarettes are placed The mural. The mural was hand painted onto the wall by two artists The chandelier. Central to the main dining hall is this very elegant glass chandelier which with the balustrades gives the room a slightly European feel Screen displaying security camera coverage. Eight cameras around the building allow the constant monitoring of all areas on a large screen at the bar and via an internet link to the owners' phones. The film is recorded and of high enough quality to identify people - I appear in the yellow shirt in the centre frame Staff waiting for training session. The staff wait for a training session Family cooking in the hot pot. A family serving from the bowl of cooked foods The grills of the 'steam hot pot' system, can be seen in the centres of the tables above. This is a modern variation on Vietnam's favourite form of dinner: a stew cooked on the table by the diners. The foods are held on a grill above a bowl from which steam is pumped. There is rice in the bowl and the juices and small pieces drop down to form a mixture making a rice soup with which the meal is concluded. The control unit can be seen just below The parts of one of the steamers. Above, the stainless steel bowl (reflections making it look more dome like) with its cover and grill set aside... Table with steamer and its control. ...and here with the cover on the bowl and the control unit at the edge of the table. Then in the right hand picture... Control unit of steamer. ...the control unit allowing timings and temperatures to be controlled by the diners, although usually assisted by the staff Fish tanks. The fish tanks beside the staircase,
and to the left the bar
Three tables and Han. Three tables set out for a staff meal: no place mats or glasses. And Mr Hân waits with his phone for the meal... The largest private dining room. The largest private dining room with 16 seats, expandable to take up to 30 well packed, with Vietnamese know-how, people Small private dining room. ...on other occasions he uses a VIP room as an office View of kitchen, cookers to the right. The kitchen with the cookers on the right... View of the kitchen, cookers to the left. ...and looking the other way down the room Crabs. The nine tanks have crabs like the above, fish which have no equivalent in northern waters such as the two to the right with their red lip-stick... Two red lipped fish. Muscels with bright blue lips. ...as well as technicolor shellfish (above in bright blue-green), dogfish and shrimps. These are brought from the near-by sea or fish farms each day The sign at the restaurant's entrance at night. The three metre sign at the entrance puts Hân and Duyên's names in lights Trailers... Full restaurant. The next page in the Picture Posting Section has more on the food and the diners at the new restaurant. Woman resting hand on cupboard in Dong Van market. The next page in the Mosaic Section is
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