New Year Lunch

Cows in front of the Thao Thuy restaurant. The apparently bucolic Thảo Thủy sea food restaurant is on the
northern border of Tĩnh Gia district, actually at the side of Vietnam's primary road the AH1. However, because it backs onto the river it is remarkably peaceful
Man inviting passing traffic to stop. On big roads throughout Vietnam people are employed to stand and wave down passing traffic to try to entice people to stop and eat. Given that it is so ubiquitous, it seems this unlikely practice must at least be thought to work! This is a reminiscence page for the coming New Year's Day. It shows a meal we had to celebrate that day in 2011. We went to a sea food restaurant on the AH1 at the northern edge of Tĩnh Gia District. Now Hân and Duyên have their own sea food restaurant on the AH1 in Tĩnh Gia Town, the last and next pages give you some idea of their new restaurant. Sadly for the family of the Thảo Thủy, customers were few, and the establishment has long since closed. But, as nearly always in Vietnam, the food was excellent. Restaurant sign. To the right the sign for the restaurant announces: "Restaurant Thảo Thủy Seafood fresh and alive. Rice country chicken - simple food" Restaurant buildings. The main building has a thatched separate dining room, this we took over for our meal Dining room by the river. The dining room backed onto the river... River and edge of dining room. ...down which can be seen coming a rowing boat Rowing boat powered by legs Unremarkable until it comes closer... Rowing boat rowed with legs. ...when it can be seen that the oarsman is using his feet and legs, rather than his arms, to row Lobster in fist tank. Lunch is waiting in the fish tanks... Hieu looking into fish tanks. be chosen by customers Kitchen at work. The restaurant's kitchen, busy with making our meal once the fish have been selected Dining room waiting customers. The table for us is set out in the dining room; a pleasantly warm day making the most of its location Sitting down to lunch. An odd angled shot that makes the point such shots rarely work, however, it gets the diners and their food into frame A course of snails and prawns. A course of snails and shrimps, but the children are... Children at door. ...soon bored of the table and its wares Huyen and Duyen sitting with their children. Huyên and Duyên and their children pose Man smooking water pipe. Members of the family, who ran the restaurant, relax here with a traditional bamboo water pipe... Young man holding infant. ...and here with the younger members of the family Table after the meal. The dinner table left abandoned by the diners (leaving by Vietnamese standards a clean floor) who have moved across... Diners at the after meal tea table. the tea table for tea, oranges and tooth picks But no Vietnamese celebration is finished until the participants have ended up at least semi-legless, and sentimental, at a Karaoke emporium Loi singing. Lợi gets into it Duyen singing. Duyên and Huyên duet it Han singing. Hân tells it, and... Hieu singing. ...Hiẻu gets backing from wife, but maybe not baby Trailers... Front of restaurant. The next page has more on the bistro/restaurant that Hân and Duyên have opened in Tĩnh Gia. Complex clouds. The next page in the Present Section - 'Seamless'.
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Saturday 22nd December 2018 Murphy on duty

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