Hà Nội's Trúc Bạch Lake

Man fishing in water filled with reflection of multi-story building. A fisherman tries his luck in the reflection of the Sofitel Plaza by Trúc Bạch Lake Trúc Bạch is the very much smaller Siamese twin of Hồ Tây - the Vietmanese capital's largest lake. The two lakes articulate along Thanh Niên Street which, accordingly, offers a fine esplanade with water on both sides. But whereas Hồ Tây provides many miles of quiet walkways, the shore of Hồ Trúc Bạch are crowded with... Bicycles on raoadway through trees. Thanh Niên Street's two carriage-ways part the two lakes A bicycle converted to delivery trolly Man with converted cycles, girl on seat by lake. ...houses, hotels and restaurants. The eastern side of the lake comes within a couple of kilometres of the city centre and so offers a possible escape from the heat and pressure of the metropolis - the actual temperature may be little different. While fishing and contemplation are always to be seen, Hồ Trúc Bạch is also home to diners and drinkers, and groups intent on games of chess and cards. Five men on chairs round table playiing cards by lake. A card game. See how high the man at the left raises his hand to slam the card
down on the table - a very Vietnamese piece of behaviour.
An iced coffee awaits - also very Vietnamese
Yellow flowers in foreground couple dozen men sitting and watching in groups by lake. This crowd are all absorbed in the games of chess that are underway Foreground of yellow flowers two men on seat laake behind. A newspaper, and the foreign photographer, occupy this pair's attention Man on seat and one standing, new building across lake. More beds of flowers and contemplation. In the background a new block of flats is shooting up to offer its inhabitants lake views. The cost (and hence profit) from housing is such that blocks can rise in very few months. The lack of planning controls leads to many eye sores, and much worse Neat bed of red flowers and cut grass with empty seat and lake beyond. The neat flower beds around Hà Nội's lakes speak of the army of gardeners that tend and water them Not all contemplation is the right way up Trunk and legs of man doing handstand beyond planted area. Two women tending plant in blue suits and hats. Man reading newspaper beyond dense bank of red flowers. More swathes of flowers and reading Man - Han - sitting and looking across lake. And just contemplation Couple sitting sidesaddle on motorbike looking across at pedalos and restaurant. A couple have arranged their motorbike to provide the view they sought: a view of Swan pedalos and the rather grand Trúc Bạch Restaurant Packed area of pedalos in shadow, bright sun on houses across lake. Those swans just had to get a look in from their shady corner of the lake. In the heat of the sun they wait for the cooling of dusk to come into their own Cycle rickshaw by lake. 'Ping ping' the pervasive rickshaw bell seeks trade throughout central Ha Noi Child on back of motorscooter looking over other  people seated towards large sign for Tiger Beer. Cooling shade, and the thought, for older contemplatives, of a Tiger Beer Men sitting on large planter display boxes looking at traffic and photographer, electric bike in front. But for some, the passing tourists and traffic are more interesting. This shot from 2007 shows a two seater electric bike then popular Shore line of blocks of flats behind trees, large Tiger Beer sign. The Trúc Bạch shoreline: trees, flats and bars Blocks of flats and trees. The way this small lake has been lined with trees
and flower beds...
Thick line of weeping trees and restaurant. ...together with its accessibility, make it one of the
most popular retreats within the city
Two three story high quality houses with balconies. And for those with considerable fortunes (between the blocks of flats, hotels, bars and restaurants) there is the possibility of elegant Hà Nội style ochre housing Blocks of flats with washing lines. But for most people home is in the blocks of flats that rise around the water High block with big sign behind lake front flats. The Ilu Lounge Bar manages to poke its head over the other buildings to get a view of the lake Large domed three story and peaked roof restaurant with trees around it. For the last shots back to the big beasts of the lake side: the resplendent
Trúc Bạch Restaurant
Multi-story tiered building reflected in lake ...such a dominating mass of a building. In October 2016 it was taken over by PPHG of Singapore and is now the Pan Pacific Hotel Same large building in context of other buildings by the lake. And dominating the northern side of the lake is the Sofitel Plaza Hotel. It was opened in 1998 by the Ho Tay International Company, local connections, at that time, presumably allowing... Two men at table with remains of meal by lake. Whatever the grandiose schemes that cram in around the lake, Hồ Trúc Bạch still offers some of the best surroundings and food in Hà Nội, as Mr Huy and Mr Colin testified here

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