Contemplation by Hoàn Kiếm Lake

Man with beard by the Lake Contemplation: a state of mind that few of the seething centres of Far Eastern metropoles can claim to foster In central Hà Nội the peace around Hoàn Kiếm Lake is as good as it gets, despite it being next to a four lane one-way traffic system. Early in the day especially, a great number of people avail themselves of this relative peace. Woman sitting by the Lake The small island in the Lake (Tháp Rùa) with its monument forms one of the most popular prospects Man sitting by the Lake The lamps around the lake form perfect seats for contemplation Boy sitting by the Lake Contemplation by Hoàn Kiếm is egalitarian: school-boy or octogenarian makes no difference to the pleasure Older man sitting by the Lake Seats are provided, many of these are in the shade of the specimen trees that surround the Lake Walking or sitting by the Lake is the pleasure of local residents and visitors alike. And for many of these there is also a more specific intention, that of meditation - most especially at dawn. Fisherman on Ho Tay Two monks Buddhists monks are not common in Hà Nội but sometimes they may be seen near the Lake - standing in contemplation for long periods with their alms bowls Fishing is a form of contemplation never seen at Hoàn Kiếm for the turtles and fish which live there are vigorously protected by everyone. This photo was taken on the larger Hồ Tây Lake three miles away. Woman and Bike Some snatch a quiet session of meditation while out on their errands Man on seat Palms upwards and finger-tips touching Woman under trees A woman sits normally, only her complete lack of movement showing her meditation Man and Ngoc Son Temple Hands with palms upwards The forms of meditation are numerous; some walking, some standing and some sitting. The attention to the arms and hands is noticeable, maybe showing the form of meditation being practiced. Man and Thap Rau ...or on the head Two men stanging Standing allows the arms greater scope: behind, stretched out... Man and Flowers The gardeners and park keepers ensure the context for one's reflections, whatever these may be, are second to none Man at Dawn The time to be by Hoàn Kiếm Lake is at dawn.
A delightful place to quietly welcome the new day
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Saturday 9th April 2016 Murphy

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