Berwick - A Walled Town

View along narrow parapeted bridge with buildings ahead. The approach to Berwick on Tweed across the Old Bridge makes clear the town's huddled nature. Work on planning a stone bridge here started with the union of
the English and Scottish crowns
River with bridge to side and buildings opposite. Looking across the Tweed to where the Old Bridge joins the town wall The town of Berwick-upon-Tweed traces its origins back to being in the Kingdom of Northumbria far from any boundary, but with the formation of English it became a border town and centre of disputation. Stability arrived with James VI of Scotland travelling south to become James I of England; it is rumoured that his dissatisfaction with the Tweed crossing at Berwick resulted in the stone bridge being completed in 1624. The attention of the visitor to Berwick is at once drawn by two aspects, the surrounding water and the town walls. The water and walls confine the older buildings to a pleasing huddle, a huddle emphasised by the openness of its surroundings. River, fields and distant hills. Berwick is open in both its prospects: towards the sea, and south-west towards the Cheviot Hills Road through wall with pier and lighthouse framed. A road through the wall: to the Pier... Road through wall with hotel ahead. the Sandgate's 'Hen & Chickens' Outline of cannon framing buildings and chimney across water. ...and here looking over a battlement to the Sandstell chimney in Spittal, past a cannon near Coxon's Tower The piercing of walls offers the photographer many possibilities

Wall leading to ramp onto bridge, door at right in wall. Above, the town wall which leads up onto the Old Bridge              
Right, that elderly door with the 'KEPT SHUT' notice:
Stone wall with two rows of varigated windows. A variety of ports in this wall "THIS DOOR to be KEPT SHUT" Studded wooden door in wall with sign at top saying This door to be kept shut. A tunnel through to Sally Port lane Entrance to tunnel through wall. Here an arch needed, rather than lintel A wider door through wall with an arch of nine stones. Allotments in full growth with coastline in background. A relief from so much stone, Berwick Community Allotments offer vegetables and sea views - into which the Sandstell Chimney makes its appearance once again Light catching side of steps with post, parapit and lamppost. Steep steps descend from the town wall into the narrow streets below Curving shopping street in evening light. Bridge Street, Berwick's characterful shopping street Well painted shop on corner of less than 90 degrees. Behind the town hall an acute corner is occupied by G C Grieve ltd Looking down at main street with spired building at end. Looking down Marygate to the town hall Row of houses with low wall and sea in front of them. Wellington terrace has a splendid position looking over the town wall across the estuary to the south. The seats everywhere in Berwick and Spittal share the same origin Looking between two buildings over two walls at row of houses. Looking from on the wall, next to the Guard Museum,
down into Palace Street
Parapit of wall running towards bridges, row of houses to right. The front of the Drivers' Lane houses where the wall points to the bridges Row of Georgian windowed houses with wall in front. Palace Street's pleasant curve Folding town wall with cupola on building. The town walls behind Pier Road Cobbled promanade with benches and sea around. The promenade on Quay Walls features more of the snake seats Gull sitting on parapit looking over promanade and river. A gull hoping for a visitor who will share their snack Ramp into water by building and small boat. Maybe a working boat, by the Custom's Watch House Silhouette of bridges in sunset with train passing over. The main east coast rail line, on which this train is seen, passes over the river beside Berwick on the Royal Border Bridge which was opened by Queen Victoria in 1850. The arch just above the photographer is of the Royal Tweed Bridge which was opened in the 1920s to relieve the narrow Old Bridge - allowing the latter to be one way

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