Lindisfarne and Bamburgh

Walls of ruined church supporting high slender arch, gravestone cross and its shadow in foreground. A cross is caught by the last rays of the sun, framed by the remarkable norman arch of Lindisfarne Priory Continuing the visit to the northeast of England this page features Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands. The Castle sits on the coast in a position commanding the sea to the north and south, and looking out, to the east, on the Farne Islands seen in the last Picture Posting. This page has photographs of the castle, but first some pictures from Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, captured in the castle's northern view as it looks out across 'Skate Road'. Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands tease... ...etymologists for their origins are obscure and it is probable that the names were not originally related. The abbey, for it was originally Lindisfarne Abbey, was established in 634 and served as the site for a monastery until the Reformation. It was host to an extraordinary sequence of famous names from St Cuthbert, its bishop in 865/7 onwards. During the period after Cuthbert's death the Lindisfarne Gospels were produced on the island marking a high point in early medieval art. Castle on hillock, sea in foreground with five boats anchored, shore rocks. The castle on Lindisfarne is its outstanding landmark Castle on hillock, sea in foreground with five boats anchored, shore rocks,light nearly gone. Caught again as light fades on a February evening Castle on hillock, sea in foreground with five boats anchored. The castle dates from the 1540s when Henry VIII, having dissolved the monastery on the island as part of his thoroughgoing divorce from Rome, established a base against possible Scottish invasion. It became a tourist attraction and in 1901 under a new owner had a make over in the Arts & Crafts style, fashionable at the time, by the outstanding architect
of his age, Edwin Lutyens
Upturned boats framing castle on rock, one with doors in its end. The castle glimpsed between two sheds - boats gaining a novel second life Closer shot of castle on hillock, two people just visible. Just a handful of the over 650,000 tourists that visit the island each year View over gravestones, by ruin, of castle across water. And another framing shot bringing Priory and Castle together, across 'The Ouse' Silhouette of ruined building with strong sun behind. The priory turning to silhouette Two blank stone arches in warm sun light. Two of the norman arches to be seen in the priory, showing their affinity to work in Durham Cathedral Metal work gate in stone arch with chevron carving. Maybe the same masons worked on both buildings, as the carving on Lindisfarne closely followed Durham in date View across the Ouse towards priory with setting sun. Another shot across 'The Ouse', this one in the other direction, towards the priory Small dinghy on sand at edge of sea with distant castle. The view from Lindisfarne southwards towards Bamburgh Castle Seaweed along water margin with castle low on horizon. Bamburgh Castle stands on the coast of northern... Sea with castle above dunes. ...Northumberland with unobstructed views seawards Castle on platform above small pool with ice visible. Its advantageous position has been recognised since Celtic times Sea, shore line and castle behind. And a fort stood there until destroyed by Viking raids in the late 900s. A new building was... Rocks projecting into the sea with castle beyond. ...created on the site by the Normans and this forms the heart of the present building Landward facade of Bamburgh Castle. It soon became Crown property and remained so till it was sold off in the eighteenth century Castle on apparent mound with pool in foreground. A number of owners slowly restored it to its present sound state Waves coming into bay with castle at far side. The last of these was the Newcastle magnate William Armstrong, he of the famous armaments and engineering industry based in that city

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