Doha to Ararat

Turkey Mountain Snow A January view, from 40,000 feet to the west of Lake Van, of the hills of Eastern Turkey This page is about a flight from the Middle East to Scotland which takes a route over the Gulf, Turkey, Eastern Europe and Denmark. Often these flights are at night, and even if in the daytime, then cloud usually obscures what might have been seen. On this trip the cloud cleared over Eastern Turkey revealling it, at the end of January, in all its snow covered glory. Doha Terminal A view from the Hamad Terminal Hotel window in Doha onto the central concourse - and yes it is a giant teddy bear to the left! The new Doha terminal, Hamad International Airport, Go to another site. is (inevitably) big, brash and has hints of architectural brutalism. Singapore, as always, wins hands down. But the hotel in it, despite the rooms overlooking the central concourse, is totally silent and comfortable. Doha Terminal Architecture Doha Hotel Room If your finances can allow it, staying in the Oryx Hotel Go to another site. in the centre of the concourse is simplicity and luxury as it should be at around £200 a night Doha Passengers Gulf airports, like Doha, juxtapose ethnic groups from every part of the world Turkey Mountains Snow Looking west from above Palu The mountains of eastern Turkey are spectacular at any time, but etched with snow, as they were on this flight, they convert the barren landscape into an immense jewel iced with thin layers of cloud over lower areas. Roads are closed at this time of year, but the texture of the hills, with their sharp ridges, can be seen in the summer view below. Doha Plane Servicing Servicing - eyed arms of giant aliens with little creatures scurrying around them Turkish mountains in summer Mountains north of Lake Van Mount Ararat Mount Ararat and Little Ararat One mountain dominates Eastern Turkey: Ararat. Go to another site. Its striking peak linked to its small companion (Little Ararat) stands out from every direction. Seen from the air its splendid isolation turns it into one of the most iconic mountains in the world. Gate to Ararat Turkey's Eastern Gate framing Mount Ararat It is not always easy to see Ararat from ground level, but here it is emerging from the cloud, on an occasion some years ago, as we passed through the border crossing with Iran on the way from Maku to Dogubayazit and Erzurum, this latter being 321 kilometres away according to the signpost in the background. Night Cabin While I, and some others, marvelled at the view outside the cabin, most travellers on such journeys prefer to stay with the familiarity of their screens The next page follows a much shorter route, from the town of Tinh Gia down to the sea. The road from Tinh Gia. line
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