Orkney - Papa Westray

Sea swirling around a stack joined to the cliff top. This sculptured cliff is on the north east of the island Pier with shed at end from the sea. The hut on the end of the pier This page takes you from Westray to its small nestled companion, Papa Westray. The flight between these islands is a little over a kilometre and boasts the shortest commercial air passenger flight in the world. It is thought that the name was given to the island because it was inhabited by monks at the time that the Norsemen arrived from scandinavia. Being only three miles long, and flat, it is very different from its larger namesake, offering a feeling of peace and space that is profound; the low land emphasises vast skies under which shelter around 90 people. Papa Westray is an island of light and space. Horse in an open topped box being lowered onto pier. ...delivering items such as this horse package The photographs on this page all come from one visit which was before the days of digital capture - in places the grain is marked, making this photographer wonder if, in time, grain will replace sepia, as a marker of age. Boat with its name beside pier. The Orcadia plied from Kirkwall to Westray and Papa Westray... Fields by road with red and white strips on dividing dyke. There is little to be seen of the 'airfield' except these guide marks on the dyke... Road with tringular road warning sign of plane. ...and this sign, coming somewhat unexpectedly, in this faraway place - beware of aircraft Small burn flowing through banks of irises in flower. Delightfully in its unexpectedness - a watercourse lined with irises. One of many aspects of non-human life on this small island. Here a very small sample: An iris flower. One flower chosen from the array to
represent them all
A rat in a small cage. This chap represents the rats that came to this island of ground nesting birds - a taste for eggs brings persecution by humans Shore line with a score or so of seals on rocks at the edge of the water. A seal tryst A very contented looking beast on ground amongst buttercups. Domestic animals can radiate an air of contentment Small fishing boat in sea just off cliffs. A boat with creels: shallow sea beds offer opportunities Rocky shore around lagoon. Flat rocky shores offer some seabirds nesting sites, but! ... Inlet entrance with shelving at sides. ...the most desirable homes come on... Looking down on breakers forming patterns of foam on the cliff foot rocks. From those cliffs - the creativity of foam patterns Cliff heavily stratified forming shelves suitable for nesting, sea beyond. ...these stratified layers of rock... Stratified cliffs with birds nesting ...safely away from almost all predators Flat shelving rocks running to blue-green sea. Papa Westray - Flat rock, flat lands and translucent sea - Cow contemplating grass and sea beyond. - with a ruminating ruminant Looking over southern part of the island towards Westray under large sky. The corollary of flat lands are big skies Dotted roofless houses under hig sky of soft clouds. With the abandoned houses and soft clouds a watercolour world emerges... Sky clouds washed in pink. ...that can fill with colour at nightfall Two silhouettes and flask against last of light over sea. As darkness comes, rat catchers prepare for a night's surveillance Trailers... Three tysties watching the sea from a rock. The next page stays on Papa Westray - and introduces some of its birds. Skeletal silhouette of beech tree in winter. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'A Tree Analogy'.
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