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Silhouette of tree.

A Tree Analogy


Within Aichi’s Target 5, this question is asked:
What factors are causing habitat loss in your country and which of these are the easiest to address?

From the 20 Aichi Targets, number 5 was for the:
Habitat Loss to be halved.

That report has five key target areas, the second of which was:
Biodiversity and the Aichi Targets.

Within that Daoist thought we can place the recent United Nations report:
Making Peace with Nature.

Zhong Daosong, a Taoist master at Baiyun Temple, Beijing, suggests that: ...human life is really only a small part of a larger process of nature, the human life which makes sense are those which are in harmony with nature. Although different countries and various regions have their own cultures, if we pursue harmony between humanity and nature, there will be no friction and no violence.

The above analogy A line of sheep passing beside a wood. Analogy and its work for language.

is offered to help with a problem that is commonly felt: philosophical abstractions do not relate to the practicalities of life. Why bother with the distinction between noumenon Bust of Peter Scott at the WWT reserve in southern Scotland. A whole page devoted to that about which we can say absolutely nothing - Kant's Noumenon. and phenomenon, self The photographer taking a photograph into a mirror. A little on the idea of 'self'. versus other, or the contrast of the urban with nature? Looking across Ha Noi from a tower block. The argument that humans need to make peace with nature is as old as Daoism.

We bother because ideas of great abstraction do indeed motivate people to act - just consider ‘crusades’ or 'jihads'. Maybe the tree analogy offers assistance. The parts of the tree draw attention to the way that interconnections, steps in a chain of argument, are vital to action, just as the tree's roots, through its boughs, nourish its twigs; sheared of their abstractions, actions readily become meaningless dis-articulated routines, adrift from our life stories, Grave yard with rows of tombstones. The unique individual story that forms each of our lives.

or the stories of our societies and cultures. Humans need meaning to act; Turbulent river waters. We need more than facts, pictures or films to challenge our abuse of the planet.
trees like this one promote meaning.

The 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets (so named after the prefecture of Japan where they were originally composed in 2010) can be downloaded. Go to another site. In February 2021 the United Nations Environmental Programme issued a comprehensive, urgent, and valuable report entitled: Making Peace with Nature which can be downloaded as a pdf. Go to another site. The China Global Television Network (CGTN) was launched in 2016, its article from which the above quote is taken is at this site. Go to another site. It appeared there on 21st May 2019.

The beech tree photographed was on the east side of Gallowhill by Moffat, Scotland. It was estimated to be about 180 years old when it was felled in 2005.

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