Mull Landscape

Looking across bay through branches at waterfront with houses up hill behind. Tobermory waterfront - Mull's capital Row of brightly coloured houses. These waterfront houses are featured on many a calendar This and the following page show something of the variety of interest that one of the largest west coast Scottish islands has to offer. Its size is partly psychological, the long arms extending westwards require drivers to retrace their journey on each peninsular, making the distances covered disproportionately long; and those distances are along single track roads which I find delightful, but some find frustrating. The landscape of Mull is (of course!) spectacular with the highest hill, Ben More, reaching 3,169 feet (966m). And the western seaboard a network of beautiful sea lochs. The fauna, flora and geology of the island are reserved for the next Picture Posting page. This page offers photographs of the general landscape, and the human contributions to it. The photos are mostly 45 years old - and gently fading. View of harbourside through trees. The curved line of the Tobermory waterfront, with its row of... Brightly coloured houses near headland with hills across the sea. ...exotically colourful buildings, leads the eye out, across the Sound of Mull, towards the Ardnamuchan peninsular Distant village by sea with background hills. Iona, an islet off the south-western tip of Mull, became the home to a monastery in 563. A Benedictine abbey was constructed on the site of the monastery in about 1203, and this became St Mary's cathedral in 1499. George MacLeod started its famed ecumenical Christian community in 1938 Church with houses in front and sea beyond. A slightly washed out Cathedral (- aged Kodachrome).
And an appropriately pastel sea, by Iona
Turquoise sea with rocks and far hills. Mouth of cave with sea beyond. Carvings on stone including Greek crosses. Carvings on stone including crosses. The Nun's Cave is on the south coast of Mull, the carvings on its walls, mostly of Christian symbols, date from the 6th to the 19th centuries Below, the crannog (artificial islet) on Loch Ba - one of seven on Mull Jetty by loch with small islet and hills beyond. Group of islands the central one of which is shaped like a bulboous hat with brim. The Trieshnish Isles lie south west of Calgary Bay, in north-west Mull, this is Bac Mor known as the Dutchman's Cap for its curious shape Sandy bay with turqoise water. And these are the rightly famous sands of Calgary Bay, the sheltered waters offering safe swimming while open to the Atlantic Ocean Castle on headland with houses beside it. Mull has its fair share of castles, six are easily identifiable and accessible - externally at least. This is Duart Castle (probably built in the 1200s) and home to the clan Maclean for 700 years Gothic style house seen across moor. And here is a nineteenth century Scots Baronial style house known as Glengorm Castle, not far from Tobermory Rocket shaped tower amongst trees. But, for architectural surprise, can Kilmore Church built in 1755, be beaten; its Irish style 'Pencil Tower' about to ascend to heaven Ruin on bluff. Maybe less comfortable accommodation, but more 'castlesque' are the ruins of Aros Castle overlooking the Sound of Mull Looking out to sea at water with rocks and seaweed. Also in the north west of the island is Langamull Beach, with its waters of tropical clarity Line of rocks with waves breaking. Rocks lie close to many of Mull's shores... Yacht tilted by wind as it sails. wheeling yachts must know their charts Hills with light snow covering, treed foreground with single house. These last photos offer a medley from various parts of the island, showing the lightness of the human touch with which Mull is clothed Distant small road and hills. Out of the holiday season... Small road running towards loch and hills. ...the unfenced single track roads are a delight Dead flat loch with isolated trees around it. The still light of dusk engulfing a loch while high above a just discernible... Dim outline of snow sprinkled mountain. ...Ben More shyly appears Bay with islets and cliffs. The Ardeanach Peninsular Close shot of small ruined house with hills beyond. A house in need of a suitable landscape... Wide shot of loch with hills beyond and ruined cottage on moorland in foreground. ...a suitable landscape Trailers... Green weed under the glinting light on the surface of a rock pool. The next page of this section has more from Mull - this time its 'life' in a very broad sense of the word. Nigella flower with dew drops on it. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Beauty through Intuition'.
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