Hân's House Grows

The front of the house with the additional two floors. The house with its additional two floors added in 2012 Front area inside the house with the walls removed and the bannisters in place. The first step in converting the ground floor - walls removed, and the staircase was given bannisters! This page continues the story, started on the last page, of the building of Hân's house. The first changes saw the removal of the internal walls on the ground floor, but with the staircase left in place (left, and below). At this point two more stories were added on top of the original - see picture above - the staircase thus leading to the upper two floors. The final changes came later when it was possible to buy the ground behind the house; previously a mosquito infested swamp. This purchase allowed a rear extention to the building with a large kitchen and a new staircase so freeing up the whole ground floor to be a large dining room for the restaurant. A meal in progress, new bannister and photographer in evidence. Two photos showing the enlarged... A meal laid out waiting diners, wall behind with scars of demolition. ...area in use for dining - the scars from the wall still evident A clip of the ground as it had been Hân then had the opportunity to buy the area behind the house. And so the final phrase of development started: converting the swamp to a garden and extension. Once good fortune has been sought the digger can move in and clear the ground of shrubs A new building requires some ceremony. Before the work could start an improvised altar was put in place and a priest invited to help the new enterprise go smoothly Man digging in the mud. Behind the building foundations were dug out and the... A group of six women spreading soil that has been dumped to cover the area. ...remaining area was filled with earth ready for the garden Putting the concrete of the foundations in place. Foundations of the new kitchen and staircase area are put in place Walls going up - bricks flying! Large amounts of concrete are needed for the floors... Concrete in bucket being brought to upper floor. ...these have to be raised to the higher levels in buckets by motorised winch Duyen and Loi cooking in the new kitchen. From the noise of a building site to the peace of a meal being prepared in the new kitchen Mats laid out on the floor for a meal - charis and tables pushed to one side. A birthday party is laid out on mats in the new large dining area - the staircase gone A family meal at a long table with a dog wandering in the foreground. Now most meals are taken at tables, here a family gathering, and a dog that knows it is getting nothing Food being put on plates and cooking in the background. The completed large kitchen and in the background the new high power gas burners No celebratory meal is complete without a finale of karaoke Two confetti tubes being released. A smaller western new year celebration with these confetti tubes - a registry office's nightmare Han standing at a long table raising a glass. Here Hân proposes a toast at a meal in the new dinning area built for the restaurant, but freely available for the family and friends. The bar can be seen in the background A long table being set out for a couple of dozen friends and family to dine. But buildings are for a purpose and in Vietnam a key reason for a house's existence is not forgotten. It is to provide a place for meeting, such as this family gathering on the left with Hân and his two brothers, their parents, and their families. Or maybe even more central to Vietnamese life, the large gathering at a meal for friends and family.
Hân, face on, at the left, his father's spectacles just appearing, and Duyên (Hân's wife) laughing down to the right.
Family and friends eating together.

That is the house that Hân built.
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