The Lakes: from Stones to Calligraphy

Wet stones with valley and clouded hills beyond. The wet stones of the Castlerigg Stone Circle look south down Borrowdale
on a not untypical Lakeland day
Single boulder in field leading down to sea. A stepping stone for those jumping from Argyle down to Cumbria. This is the Lochmaben Stone, a megalith on the Solway coast near Gretna Green being all that remains
of a 5,000 year old circle
This page takes you from the megalithic stones in Argyle, shown on the last page, to a stone circle of similar age in the Lake District. A short hop from the lakeland circle is the study centre of Higham Hall where classes in Japanese calligraphy were held for a number of years. The next Picture Posting page will carry this interest forward with pictures of calligraphy demonstrations by the teacher who is seen below - Rensetsu. After those demonstration sessions and exhibitions, which were held at Wordsworth's Cottage in Grasmere and in Edinburgh, these pages will take you back to Hà Nội, and to a much stranger calligraphy exhibition
in that city.
Line of black stones against deep grey cloud and hill. The Castlerigg Go to another site. Stone Circle Stone circle under grey sky. This circle stands in one of the most most beautiful... Closer shot of stone circle. ...positions. It seems enhanced by the glint of rain Stone circle in soft warmer light. But also splendid when the air clears... Two of the major stones in the circle. ...and the shadows mould the surface of the old stones, while modern assemblies of ritual stones... Graveyard, inscription of central front stone to Donald and Winnifred Thompson. ...are flat and simple. These, in the nearest cemetery to the circle, include my grandmother's - right of centre Repeat shot of the two big stones but from other side showing them framing the mountain. A photo emphasising the impressive surroundings of the circle.
Skiddaw seen from the circle
Building in dark stone and slate. Intense Lakeland stone. This time used to make the new(ish) museum that has been built at Wordsworth's cottage in Grasmere Front of building in dark stone with bench. Balustrade with finial and mountain beyond. Looking out from the terrace, in front of Higham Hall study centre, at Skiddaw. Higham lies about 11 miles from Castlerigg The next page of Picture Posting is to return to Grasmere and the museum For more information on Wordsworth's Cottage click here. Go to another site. For more information on Higham Hall click here. Go to another site. Large two story nineteenth century building. Higham Hall Front entrance to Higham Hall. The facade of Higham Hall, the venue for
Japanese calligraphy classes
Two women walking towards door one in kimono. Our teacher arrives from Japan accompanied by the Islamic calligrapher Jila Peacock Woman sitting brush poised above blank paper, orange ink pot matching orange top of woman standing behind. The slight pause before the brush touches the paper is caught in this shot. The woman in the orange top filming was only there to match the colour! A shaky little clip from a cell phone of the view in front of Higham Hall Six calligraphy class members standing around seated woman writing with brush. A sequence of strokes in stills for... Six calligraphy class members standing around seated woman writing with brush. ...two characters. Possibly the stills... Six calligraphy class members standing around seated woman writing with brush. ...allow you to see better how slight... Six calligraphy class members standing around seated woman writing with brush. ...are the changes in her hand's position Two class members stand behind teacher demonstrating. Members of the class watching Ransetsu's deft hand A little section of film showing Ransetsu at work Class teacher looking up from seat, class members behind. A happy class, but I am usure who was let loose with my camera Teacher, and three class members holding their work. And a shot of class members holding their work... Class work pinned to wall with man looking down. ...and maybe thinking about it Woman in kimono standing with hand on mantlepiece on which there is a large Japanese calligraphic character. Our teacher, Ransetsu, with a lager work of hers completed at a demonstration
...of which more on the next Picture Posting page

Trailers... Woman standing at table in church. The next Picture Posting page brings you photographs
from two demonstrations
of Japanese calligraphy.
Gold statue in pool with snake, monk and water lilly. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Cogito and Meditation'.
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