Visitors to Ba Bể Lake

Visitors disembarking by Ba Be Lake. A string of visitors disembark from pleasure craft on Ba Bể Lake. Such organised lines usually indicate Chinese or Vietnamese tourists The last page Go to another page. had photographs which showed some of the local people and their boats on the lake - Vietnam's largest stretch of natural water. This page has more of Ba Bể Lake's Go to another site. scenery, as well as some images of visitors to the National Park Go to another page. which includes the Hua Mã caves just to the south of the lake. The untouched jungle running down to the shores of Ba Bể Lake make a perfect setting within which visitors can relax - often with a cooling beer. Jungle tumbling to the lake side. ...being a National Park the trees are well protected and grow to ages not normally seen in Vietnam Hills at the head of the lake covered in trees. Two shots to show something of the dense jungle which tumbles down to the lake... Cascades on one of the the lake's feeder rivers. Cascades on one of the lake's feeder rivers Epiphyte covered tree. Given both high rainfall and temperatures, epiphytes flourish; Go to another page. every available surface supports life People fishing by river. The pools and rocks provide shelter for the fish, becoming bait for fishermen Tourist launch in evening light. One of the tourist launches on the still water as evening descends and the light fades from the lake Blossom falling by boats at beach. A snowstorm of blossom on the beach where the launches, that tour the lake, are berthed Launch with tourists heading up lake. A launch Go to another page. purposefully making its way up the lake; these tourists have their bikes on board Launch moored at river bank. Shoes on to walk up to the cascades Tourist launches on lake. Ba Bể Lake and the karst hills Go to another site. around Bamboo clump. Everything from clumps of bamboos like these... Large older tree. large older trees like these, are able to flourish in the protection of the National Park. Go to another site. In unprotected parts of Vietnam there are few trees of any size, most having been cut for firewood at a time in the country's history when such resources were sorely needed Barbara relaxing with a beer on the lake. Relaxation on the lake. However the 100 feet of water below... Small island on the lake. ...means others prefer a beer on this small islet... The same small island from different angle at evening. ...the islet is here seen from the other side towards sunset Tree with roots seaching for soil.

Tree roots, on that islet, finding their way past the rock and into the soil below it
Han's face in natural hole within Hua Ma caves. Tree roots clutching rock.

The Hua Mã caves, Go to another site. six kilometres to the south of Ba Bể Lake have only recently been opened up to the public and are pleasantly under-developed. There are also another set of more visited caves (Động Puông) to the north of the lake
Cave interior, Han at side. Some of the sculptures, including... People in large cave with many stalactites. ...stalactites and stalagmites, created within the caves Group of visitors relaxing in launch on lake. Two shots of different forms of relaxation, on the lake, and on a veranda by the lake Feet behind bars. Group drinking beer with hills in background. And in the evening, back at the restaurant by the lake, a Hà Nội beer or two Go to another site. against the background of the hills The next page takes you to the island of Æðey, in the far north-west of Iceland, it is only a little larger than the one on this page, but otherwise as different as possible from it. Æðey (or Eidey as in the duck) is near the Arctic Circle, rarely visited, and home to Eider ducks, Tysties, and these remarkable diminutive ducks - Red-necked Phalaropes. Pair red-necked phalaropes. line
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