Ba Bể - Locals

Fisherman on Ba Be Lake. Fisherman on the lake at Ba Bể National Park Thai house under construction. A stilt house Go to another site. under construction near the lake Mile stone at Ba Be. Vietnamese mile stones endearingly announce arrival - "Lake Ba Bể 0 kilometres" Ba Bể National Park Go to another site. is about 240 kilometres north of Hà Nội in Bắc Kạn Province. It contains the largest lake in Vietnam with a surface area of two and a half square miles (6.5 sq km). Surrounded by mountains, it is usually well protected from wind, and has a water temperature making swimming enjoyable throughout the year. Karst landscape near the lake. Near the lake the karst landscape Go to another site. is typical of neighbouring Cao Bằng Province House by the river. Houses along the rivers often have tiled roofs like this one River, houses and boats. The main waterway that leads into the lake Woman selling ducklings. A woman selling ducklings. Rolling shirts up from the waist is a common male habit in Vietnam Two punts from above. Two of the punts used on the calm local waters Boat seen from above. These flat bottomed boats are sculled, or, if the water is shallow, punted Buffalo walking and swimming by the lake. Buffalo enjoying Go to another page. the water at the south end of the lake Cow and calf buffalo. Cow and calf buffalo eating a banana leaf Baffalos and boat. The locals: buffalo, boats and man tending fish-traps Woman wading. Woman wading across an inlet Small boat on a large empty lake at evening. Dusk on the lake as a man sculls home Man leaning on his paddle and producing a wake behind the boat. Above the effort of propelling the boat is visible in his body and the wake Man allowing his boat to float to the shore. While here the boatman is gliding effortlessly towards the shore Boats on the lake Go to another page. are propelled by a paddle supported at the side of the vessel Fisherman standing in his boat. A fisherman, the nets are piled in the boat, contemplating his next move Boat in context of local hills and river. A man slowly approaches, gently sculling... Boat and man against the rich jungle background. ... downstream, the relaxed stance... Side view of man in boat. ...of a man who has just been to a shop for some small item Woman in boat with fish-traps. A woman with fish-traps Go to another site. in her boat... Woman putting fish trap into lake. ...placing them into the lake Man with side-scull. Man with side scull crossing the reflections in the lake Boat on the lake with mountains behind. Another evening shot of a lone boat on the lake. Peaceful The next page turns from the local people at Ba Bể to the visitors. Some come as individuals, some in small groups and some, particularly the Vietnamese and Chinese, in large groups trouping out in phalanxes like the one shown here. Line of visitors leaving boat. line
Saturday 26th May 2018 Murphy on duty

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