The Ardnamurchan Peninsular

Lighthouse on rocks looking over sea. The most westerly lighthouse on the mainland of Britain looks out across the
Atlantic towards America
Wide valley opening to sea with islands beyond. The winding road across the peninsular gives views of the nearby islands - here Muck, Eigg and Rum The Ardnamurchan Peninsular extends westwards from the north-west coast of Scotland, it sits just north of the Island of Mull and south of Skye. This page illustrates the area with two sets of pictures, one taken on the autumn equinox at the western tip of the land where it is at its starkest, and the other from the soft wooded comfort of the country at the root of the peninsular, around Acharacle. Rocks, clouds, sea and distant land. The sweep of the sea from Mull to the south west... Rocks, sea and slip of land. ...round to the (just visible) flatness of the isle of Coll Rocks, sea, and more complex clouds. Very far from flat; the sky commands attention Silhouette of island. Here, above Eigg, the clouds continuously re-form, and... Bay with clouds over island. evening draws on their new warmth is reflected Long band of rugged clouds. Then a band of cloud takes over, and behind it, that warmth increases Colour deepening behind clouds. The band thins out, leaving the... Landscape darkening. ...setting sun's effects to upstage the shapes of the clouds... Black foreground with deep colour on clouds. ...until these effects too, subside into the equinoctial night Houses amongst trees with whisps of cloud across water. Tracing steps backwards to the east of the peninsular. This is the area around Strontian, made famous due to the discovery nearby, in 1790, of the element strontium Edge of pier with boat on sun reflecting water. The bays of north west Ardnamurchan are mostly too shallow for landing; Glac Mhor Pier offers an exception Tilting phone box with unkempt land and shore around. Until recently this phone box leaned into the wind, far from any houses, by Kentra Bay Sea bay with two boats and reflected sun. Here the River Shiel joins the sea between islets (and showers) Rough ground leading down to sea with sheep and hills beyond. Kentra Bay in characteristic mood - a little desolate, but... Thickly wooded river bank with fishermen's pier. ...around the River Shiel the same weather seems homely intertidal [sic - however, shouldn't it be intratidal] zone with tide out and castle sitting on islet, mist around. Castle Tioram lies where the River Shiel meets Loch Moidart commanding the waters in the area. It dates from the twelfth or thirteenth century, but has remained mostly uninhabited since the 1715 rebellion. It sits on a small tidal islet River running between thickly wooded banks. Pier curving out along river for fishing. The last stretches of the River Shiel, before it reaches the sea; here fishermen are offered carefully managed opportunities near the Old Bridge of Shiel Arched bridge in thick woods. Slight mist around old bridge and drips on branch. The Old Bridge of Shiel lies a few hundred yards downstream from its modern replacement. It is one of Thomas Telford's many bridges and dates from 1804

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