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Range after range of hills fading into the distance.


The sense of wonder, that is our sixth sense

D. H. Lawrence (c 1928)

Wonder, like beauty, seems utterly entwined with the present.
It calls to us deeply, yet subtle, a call so easily missed.
It makes us long for...

Wonder is simple, free from the intellect, like a sixth sense.
As such it delights in facing the new; revels in freshness.
Familiarity dissolves wonder, to regain it we have to see anew.

Wonder makes us question: we wonder at the way things are.
Our understanding satisfied, wonder moves ahead.
Enticing us like the horizon which recedes on our approach.

The quote is attributed (unconfirmed) to the book edited by James Boulton D. H. Lawrence: Late Essays and Articles p. 132, Cambridge University Press. A volume which consists of shorter writings that appeared between 1926 and Lawrence’s death in 1930.

The landscape in northern Laos made me stand in wonder - and then take this photo. I was near to Phou Khoun (also rendered Khun) where Routes 13 and 7 meet.

Other pages connected with wonder include: The Ineffable Snow covered mountains of eastern Turkey from above. The notion of that which is beyond language seems akin to Kant's concept of the noumenal.
and Photography and Wonder. Couple sitting by lake. Bill Brandt notes the wonder photographers feel in their work.

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