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Purchasing Images

All images on the site are by the photographer himself and are available to buy.

Images vary in their original size. Some are capable of making A3+ prints at 300 dpi (19" x 13" about 60 MB). Others may not make prints larger than A4 at 240dpi (11" x 7" about 13 MB).
For private customers all files are £1 irrespective of size and are restricted to the personal use of the purchaser. No further sale, or distribution is permitted. For commercial sales please enquire.

Methods of contact are given on the site's contact page. Tell me the page with the image you would like and the caption or a description. If you have the facility you can see the photograph's number by inspecting the element.

As with any image on the internet you can, and are welcome to, download it. However, these images are well below printable quality being at most about 700 KB, and they, too, always remain the photographer's property and may not be used or reproduced without his written permission - which is normally forthcoming.

December 2021

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