Photographing sunset at Kippford.

The Light Gets In

Forget your perfect offering
   There is a crack, a crack in everything
      That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen (1992)

The metaphor of light breaking through into the dark parts of our lives is found repeatedly in song, story and theology. Our lives always seem imperfect, and full of difficulties over which we despair. And then, from the most unlikely direction from the very challenge itself, an unexpected gift evaporates that despond. What was a crack in the desired perfection becomes the conduit for elevation, rebirth, light. Shelley offers us an example of such relief given by the natural landscape. And sunsets take up the theme with that flood of glorious light that often comes with the enveloping darkness of 'parting day'. The metaphor goes far further, to the idea of a clearing in the wood into which light penetrates; now light becomes the light of consciousness into which the objects of our world emerge.


The picture was taken at Larchhill in Moffat where a bonfire enhanced the sunlight's rays. Leonard Cohen's album 'The Future' has the song Anthem, the quote is part of the chorus. Shelley's poem 'Written Among the Euganean Hills' starts with 'Many a green isle needs must be/" and finishes: "/And the earth grow young again."


Saturday 6th
April 2019

Murphy on duty

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